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Thread: Follow the card trail!

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    Follow the card trail!

    Decided to do one of these after the Superlative book... Seeing on how it all started...

    Back in January of last year, I won a free tin of The Cup from Mike,, for a commercial/video thingy I did for a contest, and this was in it:

    In a show in March in Vancouver, I sold it to West's Sports Cards for $85, in which I picked up a box of Series 2 for $80, and pulled this guy:

    Ended up selling that for a healthy $350, in which helped fund two Certified breaks (along with more):

    and a Nuge Freshman Jumbo /499 (No scan :()

    Those two, along with various other breaks incorporated, got me back about $400. In there, I bought the following for a total of $245.50 delivered:

    Young Gun Canvas Lot Bought for $37 dlvd w/tax included (Sold for $85)

    Once again, the remaining money went into OEL/Box Breaks, but it's still the $400 into OEL.

    And, most recently, I traded the last three for a Superlative book (had to put $65 extra in, not complaining) that landed me the following:



    (Lowest bid at $70 with 7 days left)

    So... I'll keep on updating this as stuff sells, because it's kind of cool to see how far I've gotten of some luck and a card :)

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    that mario is sweet, just curious is how thick is the card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clippers00 View Post
    that mario is sweet, just curious is how thick is the card?
    I'd say 130 pt holder or so. It's not that thick at all, like a 10/11 Dominion base almost.

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    thats a nice book my friend!
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