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Thread: 2012 Topps Chrome Breaks FT

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    Hey Mike!! I Need That T.Y. Hilton Orange For My Colts PC. Have These Card's If Ya Could Use Any. We Could Also Do A PWE Trade If Ya Wanted To Go That Route.

    '99 UD Encore "Upper Realm" #UR1 Randy Moss

    '00 Impact "Point Of Impact" #9PI Randy Moss DIE-CUT

    '02 Exclusive "Maximum Overdrive" #20 Randy Moss

    '02 Gridiron Kings #51 Randy Moss

    '05 Topps 50th "Throwback" #TB6 Randy Moss

    '05 Fleer Ultra "First Rounders" #5FR Randy Moss

    '05 UD ESPN "Breakthrough Athlete" #EA-5 Randy Moss

    '05 UD ESPN "ESPN The Magazine/The One" #TM-17 Randy Moss

    '05 Topps 50th "Turn Back The Clock" #10 Randy Moss

    '05 Topps Bazooka Gold Chunk #30 Randy Moss (Thick Card)

    '05 Throwback Threads "Century Stars" #CS-19 Randy Moss

    '06 Fleer Ultra "Award Winners" #UAA-RM Randy Moss

    '06 Fleer "Fantasy Standouts" #FS-RM Randy Moss

    '07 Topps Co-Signers #30 Randy Moss

    '08 Threads "Gridiron Kings" #PGK-33 Randy Moss

    '08 Score "The Franchise" #F-4 Randy Moss

    '08 Leaf Certified Materials "Gold Team" Ser#0463/1000 #GT-6 Randy Moss

    '08 UD "StarQuest" (Silver) #SQ26 Randy Moss

    '08 UD Icons "NFL Chronology" Ser#728/750 #CHR40 Randy Moss

    '09 Topps National Chicle "Stars Of The Gridiron" #SG-6 Randy Moss

    '10 Topps Platinum #150 Randy Moss

    '12 Prestige #38 Randy Moss

    Thanks, John

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    Hey John thanks for the post but I do have those Moss!
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    #ed / RCS / Inserts:
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