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    Buying baseball from Don Larsen

    Has anyone ever ordered one of the baseball Don Larsen sells TTM? If so, was it actually signed by him or ghost signed? Don't want to drop $35 for his secretary's autograph.

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    if he is selling them as signed than im sure he signs them

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    I have not bought a signed baseball from him but bought the signed photo of him throwing the perfect game and the photo of Berra jumping into his arms signed by both him and Berra. They are all signed different kind of sharpie on each, and the Larson matches my personally signed ball I got from him. The Berra Larson Dual Signed Photo was I think $40 bucks a steal as Berra would cost $60-$75 alone.

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    For Larsen's sake it had better be legit if not he could be bought up on mail fraud charges.
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    He is trying to pay for his grand kids education... 100% real and he's a good dude
    Anyone have that BUM called Adam Dunn (autographs only) PM me with your wants

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    Does anyone have information how I can order one of the Larson/Yogi duals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dscards View Post
    Does anyone have information how I can order one of the Larson/Yogi duals?

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    Go to the TTM for Larson some one there posted under a sucess a photo of the order form I printed it out and then mailed it to the address on the form!

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