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Thread: my first post....check me out

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    my first post....check me out

    Hey everyone...first post here, but not new to boards....jess0304 on blowout...check me out and lmk if you like anything!


  2. Doniceage
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    Can you PM a price/wants for the Luck auto, Manning Ultra RC, Marshawn Lynch SPX auto/jersey, Alshon Jeferry auto, D. Thomas Topps platinum 3-color auto, and Forte SP Authentic?

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    I'll take a price on the Luck auto and a price on the Hilton patch autos

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    Like the Peyton Rc, hows the condition? Thx -Dave-

    I Hidden Content by $BV & $SV, but mainly just by Common Sense.

    Currently Collecting RB's, T.Rich, D.Martin, and CJ Spiller.

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    Like your T.Y. Hilton, Jarius Wright and Marshawn Lynch autos. Prefer to trade but will entertain buying.

    PLMK and thanks, Jeff
    Wants: Prefer Autos and RCs but will consider all.
    Baseball: Miguel Cabrera, HOFers Football: Steelers HOFers Hockey: Mario and Sid
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    Only trading in USA unless its a large BV trade.

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    pms sent!!!! l;ets get some deals done!

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    cmb for your Giancarlo Stanton elite auto if it is FT. And WELCOME TO THE BEST TRADING SITE ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!
    Always looking for Devils and Eagles autos you may have!
    Also looking for Kenny Britt autos!
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    didnt see anything.....if you can buy pm me. thanks!

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