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    WANTED: Marian Gaborik Game-Used Nameplate Letters

    Title says it all, looking for Gaborik nameplate letters. Only looking for game-worn letters (SPGU By The Letter/Superlative Nameplate/Panini Prime Genuine Letters/Etc) so please no manufactured letters of any kind.

    Doesnt matter if it's from a Wild or Rangers jersey, if you have any available please shoot me a PM!
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    - Kevin

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    Thanks to a great member I was able to track down a Superlative nameplate letter

    Any others around??
    - Kevin

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    If you need this one, shoot me an offer:

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    Great response so far! PayPal is drying up but I would still like to track down any and all Gaborik game-worn nameplate letters that are available so I'll know who has what.

    Keep them coming!
    - Kevin

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