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    Topps Chrome Doug Martin Variant auto and Tannehill Camo Auto f/s

    As the title states looking to sell both of these. 150 on the Tannehill and 225 on the Martin. I know the one Martin sold for 129 and the guy who sold it was dumb to sell it for that when his base was bringing a 100. Camo sold for 250-150 and I know this card I have is a SSP with only being 6 to hit ebay so far and we all know chrome every is busted like crazy. I would be interested in trading for some hoops of players in my sig as well. Pm's work best

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    morning bump. Can't believe nobody want's either of these cards.

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    Can't see any pics. Your photobucket is blocked without a password.
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    There you go. That should work. I enabled the photobucket for public. Not sure why it's doing that

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    morning bump. Martin is lowered to 165. 3 have sold for 150, 165 and 170 and then the one for 129 which makes no sense. I am firm on the Tannehill since it's bringing 150 with ease. Pm's work best. If nobody want's them I will let them ride on the bay.

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    Theres a pink on the bay with a BIN for $125, FYI, and a prizm sold for 102$ yesterday in case your wondering as your above post states why nobody wants them...Ebay is killing them value wise

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    True but I seen them sell for a lot more. The idiot sold his for 127 is killing that card.

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    bump - Martin lowered to 150 obo Tannehill 150 obo. Looking to move both this evening to pickup a pc Item. Thanks.

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    Morning bump. Like to get these sold today. Will listen to reasonable offers as well. Would do the pair for a reasonable price as well but I am not looking to give these cards away.

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