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Thread: Rack Packs and 2 Blasters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halos Fan View Post
    Von Miller, Peyton, Demaryius Thomas, Champ, Decker, Osweiler, Hillman
    OK I WILL have a GREAT list for Yah Tonight Good Buddy Dont Move those Cards ONE BIT LOL thanks

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    Looking for all RG3 and Lucks. I have some Broncos FT including a Von Miller Gold Refractor /50.

    CMB and also check my post on Chrome FT

    I am looking for GU'd, RCs and Autos of: JJ WATT, Kawhi Leonard, Other Current and Spur Legends, Carlos Correa, Jose Altulve, Alex Bregman, Panini Points...
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    nice break!

    Lets trade, i still owe you something and i want your

    Stafford REF
    Andrew Luck RC (may need some of your other base, not sure on what number everyone is)

    I know i got a PINK Von Miller... some other stuff
    Check here:

    I had the Broncos in the Chrome break and Finest break so i got lots :)

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    How much for the Sanu die cut the Ty Hilton game relic and the blue Trent Richardson. Thanks

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    PM sent Good Buddy Let me know Thanks

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    Osweiler Base
    G. Robinson XFractor
    Wolfe XFractor
    Wolfe Pink BCA /399

    Wolfe, Miller, Hillman

    Osweiler Gold Ref. #'d 4/10

    Have a tradelist with needs posted inside. I only have the numbers listed, so from your postings, I am not able to go through my lists. Please PM either the numbers and I can run through my lists, or go ahead and run through it yourself. PLMK in a PM either way. Thanks!

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    pm's have been sent. thanks!

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    Hey Jim!!! NICE Breaks Buddy!!!! I Could Use These 3 Card's For My Colt's PC

    Coby Fleener Base RC

    D. Allen 1984 Throwback

    T.Y. Hilton Jsy Card

    Have These Card's If Ya Could Use Any.

    '12 Topps "Captains" Patch #NCP-WM Willis McGahee

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0163/2012 #251 Willis McGahee

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0254/2012 #283 Ronnie Hillman RC

    '12 Topps #350 Peyton Manning

    '12 Topps Finest #60 Peyton Manning

    '11 Absolute Mem. "Star Gazing" GU Jsy #19 Von Miller

    '11 Topps Chrome "Finest Freshman" #FF-VM Von Miller

    '11 Topps Risiing Rookies" #200 Von Miller RC

    '11 Topps prime #78 Von Miller RC

    '11 Topps Chrome #212 Von Miller RC

    '10 Topps Platinum #151 Eric Decker RC

    '10 Prestige "Draft 2010" #29 DeMaryius Thomas

    '10 Topps "Peak Performance" #PP24 DeMaryius Thomas

    Thanks, John

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    You have some cards i need i did a case break lmk what your looking for we can get a trade going!!!


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    I can use the finely xfractor, perry orange rc,Nelson xfractor, Rodgers base

    You looking for broncos in this years chrome or anything in general? Specific players? Lmk


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