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Thread: My fall Expo S&T(Scan heavy)

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    My fall Expo S&T(Scan heavy)

    So I managed to make it to the fall Expo this year, and as always had a blast. Once again, the great deals were eclipsed only by the great people I got to meet, either for the first time, or more.

    Now on to the pickups:
    First the freebies:
    The free pack giveaway from Panini:


    I purchased a full base set of 12-13 Series 1, and these for my 12-13 Artifacts goalies /999:

    I just need Belfour, Fleury and Rask to complete it, so if anyone has them FT/FS LMK!
    I also got a box of 12-13 Artifacts, and 07-08 BTP, but those are put away until Christmas, so we'll all have to wait for the results of those.
    Since ITG was doing a redemption program for Forever Rivals, I purchased a box from CnC to participate. Here are the results:
    Base etc:





    And my redemption /19:

    The Price is NFT, the other Habs stuff and the CuJo are PC, but could be available for the right offer, and the Leafs stuff is FS/FT.
    And finally the PC pickups:




    Thanks for the look.

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    Greg, my friend, those are some serious PC additions for you! Wow. Congratulations, especially on the Leafs cards.

    I like the Teammates card of Roy and Forsberg, sweet one. And design-wise, you've got to love the Halak Journey Jersey. The swatches aren't too plain, either, haha.

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    Sweeet! I relaly like those ultimate rivals signatures:) and dang that Patrick Roy/forsberg is amazing with the 3 coloured seam
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    I collect: Adam Larsson, Mason Raymond and Matt Duchene

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