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    error card is it worth more or less

    have this malkin 1/1 auto that someone at upper deck put the sticker on backwards
    my question is this does an error on a card reduce or increse the value what are your thoughts
    i think it decreases the value expecially on a 1/1

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    I've seen a fair share of wrong player, upside down stickers BUT never have I've seen a backwards auto!

    Nice card nonetheless !
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    No premium on errors.

    The last error rewarede is the Konstantinov RC from OPC Premier in the early 90's

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    The only time that Errors ever got a premium.... what when card companies also corrected those errors. The Konstantinov RC that centrehice mentioned, his name was spelt wrong.... OPC fixed it..... but people were paying a big premium to get one of the Error versions becuase they were harder to find.

    For something like that - I don't know. It's a 1/1 - so I would expect Malkin collectors to pay a premium due to that. The backwards auto though.... its certainly unique, but in a bad way. In an auction I could see the final price being horribly low (due to the backwards auto) but if two (or more) collectors really wanted it becuase of the uniqueness.... you never know? Could go for a lot more?
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    thanks for the input guys it still stuns me how somebody can put an auto on backwards but then again i never noticed it until later on

    i was wondering i dont have acess to beckett online is this card listed?

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    Wait... how could this have been put on backwards? Isn't the sticky part of the sticker only on one side? Upside down, yes. But backwards? That would mean Malkin signed the sticky side of the sticker auto. I don't get. And yes, I'd put it up for auction and let two (or more) collectors battle it out.
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    I guess your right instead of sticking it left to right they stuck it right to left still looks like the auto is backwards on the card

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