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    Quote Originally Posted by tpeichel View Post

    Both parties have done a pretty good job of dividing the electorate with wedge issues like gay marriage and abortion as well, while they quietly accumulate more and more power in Washington.
    Again. The media has done more to divide America than any parties could ever want to.

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    Well golly gee!

    I say those who signed can leave anytime they wish...

    I her Mexico and Somalia are wonderful countries. In fact Somalia have no gun laws, no social medicine, in fact very few laws.
    Collecting Ben Roethlisberger and Charlie Batch
    “The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.”-Buddha

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    i have been reading all these posts
    trying to look objectively at each persons viewpoint. i have noticed much venom when ones own viewpoints appear threatened. i live in Canada, in my opinion the greatest country in the world for individual freedoms. but we are rapidly becoming a socialist nation. we the people are losing our individual rights on a monthly basis. gone is the truth that government was created by the people for the people. in the last general election in Ontario there was a Liberal minority elected. YET THEY WON SEATS ONLY IN THE GTA (greater toronto area) AND OTTAWA. the rest of the province (95 % in area) voted conservative with a few seats going NDP (ironically the old CCF party - Canadian Communist Federation).
    whats interesting is that the majority of people in Toronto and Ottawa are either government workers (federal, provincial, municple etc) or new Canadians. this is not racism to point this out because it has been reported as fact in the newspapers.interestingly enough there is talk ALL ACROSS OUR GREAT COUNTRY after each election that somebody wants to secede when it doesnt go their way. - Quebec, Alberta and BC lately. Ontario has even talked about it. we have seen most larger countries in Africa and USSR and westen Eroupe have "downsized" allowing new governments to form and take a stab at ruling themselves mostly for economic and cultural reasons. some have been successful, others have failed. the main reason for failure has been economics.
    Why is there fear among those who disagree?
    Look at the average family nowadays. If a family cannot get along and coexist under one roof how do we expect culturally, religious, (un)educated, financially troubled whole countries to agree on everything. or anything. it is not reasonable. we all have differences.
    IT IS WEAK LEADERSHIP THE CAUSES RIFTS, be it a parent, grandparent, senator, prime minister/president. and the common ground with our North America is weak leadership.
    Stephen Harper has held Canada together thru this different economic time.and the media hates him for it. Bush/Obama have not. our 74 cent dollar is now on par (at least) with the US dollar.
    we the people need to demand our politcians look after the WHOLE COUNTRY, not just them and their supporters (financial). unfortunately the almighty dollar - greed is the great evil of today.that and pathos and a lack of emnity for our brothers/sisters.
    If we refuse to co-exist i see separation as a viable alternative. why should Quebec dictate how the country is run. Or Ontario for that matter. we are a geographically huge country, so is the US. we all have separate state/provincial governments. you guys have great elections, not just voting on a president but on regional issues and human rights issues - gay marriages / legalizing marijuana. we the people -- fantastic. we can all embrace our similarities and respect our differences. and still get along.
    Vivre le difference!
    hate is a wasted emotion.
    hate solves nothing.
    peace baby (yeah i'm a hippy)
    light up a smile and lets all get along.
    because when push comes to shove
    we are North Americans and nobody has our backs but us. Whenever there is a world emergency the first one on the scene is the Americans. Canadians are not far behind.The most assistance anywhere comes from North America. yet how many countries aid us when we have - hurricanes, droughts, unemployment, - NOBODY. if we dont have each other then we got nothing honey.

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    I've only ever lived in BC and AB. I've never heard serious talk of separation in either province.

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    its out there
    it is just considered bad form to admit it publically
    i have been to rallies for separation in alberta (like 20 years ago) and NB (25 years ago). i tend to move

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    Quote Originally Posted by icefields View Post
    its out there
    it is just considered bad form to admit it publically
    i have been to rallies for separation in alberta (like 20 years ago) and NB (25 years ago). i tend to move
    Yeah, I wasn't in AB that long, but when I was it was a pretty proud Canadian city. Here in BC, where over lived most my life, the talk has always been there and some people do truly want it, but it's literally like 75 people. Most talk of western separation is nothing but talk. With the population of the west growing as fast as it has been, voter apathy isn't as big a problem and representation isn't seen as just for the west as it was before. The days of a PM being able to give "the west" the finger and keep his job are pretty much over. The guy sitting in the PM seat is from Calgary even. Western separation doesn't deserve a second thought right now.

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    "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution" - John Adams, March 4, 1797 – March 4, 1801

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    still i dont see the problem with the people selecting the government, and if a regional representation is thought of as best, well so be it. as long as we remember that even tho families go their separate ways we are still families and must unite in times of hardship/ foreign attacks, whether military or internal, economics ... we are still the North American family that must stand united because divided we fall and i believe that there are external "pressures" being exerted upon the unaware masses that mean to do us harm and break up our family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMan1978 View Post
    Well golly gee!

    I say those who signed can leave anytime they wish...

    I her Mexico and Somalia are wonderful countries. In fact Somalia have no gun laws, no social medicine, in fact very few laws.
    The people who signed this petition are literally traitors and un-American.....Seriously, what is MORE un-American than wanting to secede?

    They don't care about the constitution, and they're too cowardly to move out of the U.S because.....NEWS FLASH, the majority of the first world is MUCH more progressive and "liberal" compared to the U.S.

    In almost every 1st world country they have socialized health care, entitlement programs, strict gun laws, and much more progressive governments.
    Science doesn't know everything.....Religion doesn't know anything.

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