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    Hey patch fakers, where's the effort??

    So I'm bouncing around eBay doing my usually searches and come across this beauty of a fake, almost comparable to the martin brodeur NFL patch that was swapped. I'm sorry I don't have a link (I'm on my iPhone), but the eBay item is 400339558928. If someone can post the link or a pic before its ended, that would be appreciated

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    If he did a little research he might find they never put patches in those cards.

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    I tried offering a penny and free shipping but ebay wouldn't let me. Hockey jerseys aren't even made like that
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    That's hilarious. Perhaps a link between intelligence and dishonesty.
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    his feedback on ebay is 13k plus... what are the odds he has sold other fakes.

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    Looks like a piece from a Cheerleading outfit.

    Silver lamay? Not on any Gretzky Jersey's

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    Maybe he's just washed the card too hot..


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    Among his other items for sale are several large "jacket"-sized NHL Logo Patches. Gee...I wonder what he bought those for?
    Here's a sampling:
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