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Thread: I need to rant

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    no need to drop names on here but feel free to pm me the names of those members so i dont deal with them. not a big fan of selfish arrogant people who try
    and make a buck off others. also pm me what cards your looking for and i will do my best to hunt them down for you.

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    what card you looking for anyways?
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    I agree people like this should not be around.

    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    They should be thrown off the site for that.

    Whenever I know somebody that has a card they need, I tell them immediately who owns it.

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    Please PM me the names as well.

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    Where did all these people come from?

    When I started buying / selling / trading here there was no one like this .....

    Please PM me the names of these 2 as well, so I can avoid them like the plague
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    I don't think you'll find many people will disagree with you. Used car salesman mentality in a place like this should not be tolerated. No offense to any used car salesmen (or women), however

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    Sorry to read it.

    Quite honestly - I typically have the opposite experience here. When rare Ranford stuff shows up online, I usualy have a handful of PMs about it.... members that came across it (be it a box break thread here, or on another forum... eBay, checkoutmycards, whatever) drop me a line and let me know about it right away.

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    That's really uncool of them. Just hope that you don't see it on eBay from "the guy that has it" else you end up dealing with a shill bidding competition involving one or both of these people.
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    I am one of these guys.

    They guy wanted one of my card and is only decent trader was the Scheifele H.I have no use for a Scheifele H so i want to know what i can get for it if im going to trade for it.

    After a few pm with the owner i find he`s a total like i told you in the pm i last sent you so im not going to make him a favor.

    I see the common letters are selling for 35-70 and your only willing to pay 70 so you dont want it that much lol.
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