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Thread: I need to rant

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    I need to rant

    I've had two members contact me within the last 24 hours. They have both told me they know another member on this site who has a specific card available for trade that I've been looking for. However neither member would tell me who it is, they both want to know what I'm willing to pay so they can try and make a buck off it. Now, I am not knocking their enterprising spirits, after all everyone likes to make a buck. But that is the point, how much are they really going to make? $10-$20 bucks if they are lucky? I won't be overpaying for the card, and I'm sure the owner won't undervalue the card. Why not just say, "hey man, I noticed you were looking for so and so card, check out this member I think he has one available". Instead I get 2 PM's within the last 24 hours from two different members saying "hey I noticed you were looking for this card, I know someone on here who has it, what are you willing to pay"? Neither of them would provide me the member's name. Give me a break.......

    I would get it if the two members were going to make a substantial amount of money, but really? I'm annoyed, I'm sure there will be rebuttals dissecting my rant, or telling me it's not ok to be annoyed. So let's hear the other side of the coin please.

    Also for the record, I have searched high and low through all the Trade, High End Trade, and Buy and Sell and have yet to find the card.

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    I completely understand. You should be annoyed. I never even thought of doing what they did. I just notify the person and then I'm done. If you want I can help you search for the card........... For $5. Na, na, na, I kid. But yes, I would be happy to help you out, free of charge.
    Hope you find the card and have a good one.

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    I think it sucks that someone is trying to make a buck off ya. I can help as well. PM what you are looking for. I always put myself in the other person's shoes. Would I want help. I know how you feel I have been looking for specific cards for a long time here and apparently nobody owns any of them. Go figure!

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    You have every, single right to be annoyed. That's totally bogus and not at all what this hobby is about. If you want to shoot me a pm with what card it is, I'd be glad to help.

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    Wow.... some people can get pretty selfish and greedy eh? I find cards I know ppl are looking for and link the member right away and have had tons help me as well. Shoot me a pm with what card it is and I'll gladly help you look for it... but you'll owe me ;) I kid I kid Haha. Bitut seriously will be glad to help look for it!

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    They should be thrown off the site for that.

    Whenever I know somebody that has a card they need, I tell them immediately who owns it.

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    Seriously, I can't believe someone would try to make a quick buck for NOTHING, I'm sorry but directing one member to another member on a message board takes no effort at all, we should be helping one another and not trying to rip each other off.

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    Yeah. Kind of jack donkey like of those members. Hope you can land your card without employing the use of those original members that PM'd you. And if you two are reading this -- y'all should be ashamed of yourselves :)

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    very much sickening, i hope they have similar situations occur to them. i dnt have many contacts in this hobby i love, but will gladly check with them if you like.

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    Its kinda like the game itself, hockey, you know the guys who can pretty much score at will, they get kinda bored and find more pleasure helping other players obviously, in the game of life, these 2 loser's Can't score at anything, so rather than be annoyed, be grateful your not pathetic like them!
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