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Thread: 2012 Topps Chrome

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    I want these what would you need from your wants for this lot

    Foles base
    foles orange
    tannehill orange
    Claiborne pink

    Rc reprint

    tall boys

    david wilson


    base refrac
    nick toon rc
    jerel worthy rc

    Would like the Tall Boy and Refractors First

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreatAlbert View Post
    curt - what do you have for inserts? looking to trade inserts/refractors for inserts/refractors

    Capone - have any packers/badgers refractors
    dont have any packer refractors but i have some favre flight to 420 inserts, newer packers inserts/ rc's

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    ajp - send me a PM on what you are willing to do for those.

    Capone - that's really all I am looking for right now. Mainly a baseball set collector, but took a liking to the Tall Boys and ended up buying a few boxes for a good price at a show this weekend.

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    ive got base #52,88,179,184,85,50,138,198,189,168,156,142

    tall boy: 7

    84 reprint: 7

    57 reprint: 7

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    xfractor : 64 J. Finley
    refractor: 207 K. Zeitler

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    Tx - Have these:
    Dez Bryant Base
    Austin Base
    Dez Orange x2
    Claiborne Pink (if something above falls through) /399
    Dez Blue /199
    Dez Black /299

    Austin, Ware

    Please PM

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    if u pull some nice steelers refractors hit me up i have these inserts for trade..but i wanna trade these for steelers refractors

    1984 topps
    doug martin
    isaiah pead(2)
    chris givens
    david wilson
    jarius wright
    lamar miller
    Stephen Hill(2)
    Ronnie Hillman(2)
    Michael Engew
    Coby Fleener
    Michael Floyd
    Devier Posey(2)

    1957 topps
    brock osweiler
    michael floyd
    Robert Griffin III
    Ryan Tannehill
    Brandon Weeden(2)
    Stephen Hill

    qb reprints
    steve young
    bob griese
    Dan Marino
    Phil Simms

    red zone rookies
    mohamed sanu
    michael floyd
    chris givens
    joe adams

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    Hi, I have these:

    19, 20, 47, 53, 63, 77, 83, 98, 102, 122, 123, 171, 179, 205, 208, Clay matthews xfractor, Peter Konz refractor

    I like these from your list:

    Pink BCA Refractors /399:
    10 Derek Wolfe

    Orange Refractors:
    109 Ryan Tannehill

    Base Refractors:
    210 Brock Osweiler

    Lmk if youd like to make a trade, thanks!
    Correa, K. Bryant, Arenado, T. Story, Jon Gray, Blackmon, Tyler Anderson, Syndergaard, Kyle Freeland, Senzatella, Jeff Hoffman, kershaw, bumgarner,Pence, posey, Trout, Harper, Yount, goldschmidt,, P. Manning , Elway, Champ Bailey, Von Miller, Lindsey Vonn.
    I do NOT trade by BV, only by SV or common sense!

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    do you want to just do a luck for rg3 trade then?

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