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Thread: Are you kidding me?

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    Are you kidding me?

    OK, sorry in advance, but stuff just amazes me.

    Tonight, the Chiefs, the 1-7!!! Chiefs, pick up what they think is a fumble and take it into the endzone for what they think is a TD. So, once there, what do they do? An obviously choreographed group celebration. Are you kidding me? Exactly when during your 1-7 season did you come up with this, on top of knowing that it will cost your team 15 yards.

    On Sunday, Cam Newton of the 2-6 Panthers comes out of the tunnel and makes great display of stopping and taking off his Clark Kent outfit and changing into Superman. Are you kidding me? Uh, Cam, hate to tell you, you're 2-6 and in case you weren't aware, that guy standing over there in orange wearing #18 is Peyton Freakin' Manning!!!! Maybe he should actually do something before anointing himself Superman.

    Play the freakin' game, and maybe think about actually doing something well on a regular basis before you spend so much time and your hot dog crap.
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    Haha agreed. Didn't see the plays, but it sounds ridiculous. Even for winning players to do that stuff is pretty lame. Just let your play do the talking. AP is the perfect example. He never over-celebrates.

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    Where are u Barry Sanders? Never saw him showboating

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    Thank you guys, great examples of how truly great players act.
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    the best part of the chiefs celebration was that the TD was called back :sign0020::pound:

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    I know what you mean here. The thing I can't stand, is a player celebrating with a 15 second sack dance, when their team is down 30 points in the 4th qtr. Yeah, YOU got a sack, but your TEAM is down by 30!! Play the game and eat some humble pie when you make a great play that will have NO affect on the outcome of a foregone conclusion game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devlin View Post
    Where are u Barry Sanders? Never saw him showboating
    Best TD dance ever run over to the Ref and hand him the ball!
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    I do have to admit that was was pretty good at the time. Maybe I am biased though

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    They aren't celebrating because they are winners, they are celebrating because they are getting paid millions to be losers.

    I blame the owners and coaches. Nobody expects players to be mature, responsible people anymore.
    - The Eagles are getting their butts kicked every they bench the QB that is averaging 2 turnovers a game? No, they fire the defensive coordinator.
    - The Cowboys have the 29th ranked running game and who do people blame because they aren't winning? The QB.
    - The Redskins win 3 games with a rookie QB that averages less than 1 TD passing per game and what do we hear? RG3 is an elite QB.

    Why shouldn't the Chiefs defense celebrate? Just because they have given up the 5th most passing TDs and are ranked 21st in run defense isn't their problem or fault. Expecting players to have a dose of reality when the owners, coaches, commentators and fans have none is asking too much.

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    Anything to get people talking about anything involving the Chiefs other than their record, I guess.
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