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    My lucky topps chrome PRISM case - MUST READ

    So this was special.
    Topps was sending me a message.

    Just picked up 6 cases from UPS. Plan to sell 5 of them, open 1....

    Plan was to open one box tonight, but you know how that goes

    Every Box had 4 prism refractors. I got no other colored refractors. The autos were in the same pack in every box. Each box had every insert in the same position. Really cool...

    Box 1-12 in order...

    Luke Kuechly prism auto /50
    Michel Egnew pink auto /75
    Reuben Randle base auto
    Joe Adams refractor auto /178

    Stephen Hill base redemption auto
    Russell Wilson refractor auto redemption
    Doug Martin base auto
    Alshon Jeffery base auto
    Ronnie Hillman base auto
    Joe Adams base auto
    Cyrus Gray pink auto /75

    COUNT: 48 prism refractors, 0 pink, 0 camo, 0 blue, 0 red, 0 gold, 0 black, 0 purple.
    Does Topps do this sort of thing when you have a SUPER AWESOME CASE

    One of the Lucks is at 3100 on Ebay...we'll see how high it goes.

    I will be selling off a lot of the rest of these tonight. If you have certain needs - LMK. I have opened a total of about two boxes of chrome.
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    I would put that on eBay as quick as you possibly can. The chrome craze will end in a week or so. I am interested in many of the inserts and need some base and refractors as well. PM me if interested in trading/selling.

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    If you need inserts refs, etc... let me know. I will be posting some pics tonight.

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    I'm interested in any Tannehill's, RG3's, and Doug Martin's. Let me know what you have!

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    list that luck my man!!!

    amazing case!!!!!!!! 48 /50s as well

    plus u got a dougie and r wilson

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