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    I love Ultimate! Busted 2 boxes at my LCS - awesome pull!

    I have been at my local card shop yesterday and decided to bust another 2 boxes of my favorite product 2011-12 Ultimate Collection Hockey.

    First box had these cards inside:

    and the hit:

    And the second box was even better

    no Auto/Rc Auto so far, but a fat card in the middle of the pack.

    Unfortunately a redemption, but by far the best card I have pulled so far.

    My knees were shaking.

    2011-12 Ultimate Collection Signature Logos #ed to 1 Jordan Eberle

    What a great feeling to pull such a big card. I'm so happy!

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    Wow insane pull!! A stamkos sold for $2500. So its at least $1500. Congrats!!!

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    I'd hold onto it until he starts playing again (I'm an optimist <g>)....

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    Wow! Congrats on pulling one of the top cards from the product.

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    Get it live!! Then sell, sell, sell! Congrats!

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    massive pull id be shaking still. i say redeem it and keep it!

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