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Thread: Big lots FS! Huge HUGE value.

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    Big lots FS! Huge HUGE value.

    Looking to sell as lots only right now, not extremely interested in piecing everything out unless there is an out of this world offer for something.
    Selling everything in the main folder with multiple scans. As a lot looking for $775 OBO. Offers definitely welcome. What is gone is marked as gone on pictures, feel free to ask questions.

    Pictures by PlatinumPlus502 - Photobucket

    Also selling both my entire ALSHON Jeffery and Matt forte PC's as lots. Not going to piece these out, huge value in both.
    Looking for $1000 OBO for the Alshon.
    Alshon Jeffery pictures by PlatinumPlus502 - Photobucket
    Looking for $500 OBO for the Forte!
    Matt Forte pictures by PlatinumPlus502 - Photobucket
    In the forte there are two seperate NT 1/1's. One is the century platinum, the other is the black. I paid around $200 per on the 1/1's, so with everything else basically added at $100 its a huge resale value.
    Everything is OBO. Looking to get rid of this stuff ASAP. Got a big purchase upcoming for a show as well as the need to put money to the side for christmas shopping.
    Feel free to ask any questions. PM works best toward contacting me.

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    unless im missing somethign $775 seems a bit high on that front page.. nicest card i saw was a marino rookie that sells for $20..

    know it says you dont want to break up.. but if you want to sell a bunch of the low end 2012 stuff to me like jerseys and stuff id be interested

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    most of the stuff on the front page sells for 5-10, the green is a 200+ dollar card. The /10 version, the only other one that has recently sold on ebay went for 295, and the green/little is a 40+ dollar card. I just multiplied the 109 cards by 7 and rounded it from 763 to 775 for the price. With the green's in the lot that is a pretty solid price. Again, open to offers.

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