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Thread: Buying T.J Graham (Bills)

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    Buying T.J Graham (Bills)

    Numbered inserts, autos, and patches. Post scans and prices, only looking for him in bills uni.

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    Nope have them
    Quote Originally Posted by PlatinumPlus502 View Post

    interest in these?

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    inception patch auto rc 1 color, no scan, 5.25 gift dlvd
    I only pay via paypal invoice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdesertcards View Post
    inception patch auto rc 1 color, no scan, 5.25 gift dlvd
    have it thanks tho

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    I have his 2012 Topps Chrome Camo Refractor Auto for $12 pp gift dlvd lmk thanks.
    Always looking for Devils and Eagles autos you may have!
    Also looking for Kenny Britt autos!
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    Interested in this T.J. Graham 2012 Topps Prime Copper Dual Jersey RC /25 for $7 delivered?

    I have 3 other T.J. Graham jersey cards as well. They are all different colors, and you can see them in this scan (second and third rows):

    Can throw each one of those in for $2 each if you take the /25 card.

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    Prices are dlvd
    TJ Graham
    Finest 2 clr patch/auto /1353 =11

    Finest Gold jumbo patch/auto /75 =17

    Inception 2 clr patch /25 =9.00

    Chrome refractor =3.50

    PM me if interested in any or a lot price

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    I have his pink refractor rc and refractor rc and base rc from 2012 topps chrome , lmk if you need these 3 ,thanks
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