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    Top 5 Most Collected/Collectible Teams of the past 5 years

    Hey Guys,
    Just from a curiosity stand point, which five teams would you say are the most collected among hockey card collectors, but for the past five years? I would say off the top of my head that you HAVE to go with the big ones; Pittsburgh, Montreal and Toronto. But after that would you still say Detroit? NY Rangers? Edmonton? Vancouver? I feel like it's a tough call as the top three teams I mentioned people pretty much collect anything. Although, now that I think about it, Pittsburgh is really just Crosby and Malkin, so maybe as a team it isn't in the Top Five for the past year in collectors eyes.

    Actually, other than the Leafs and Montreal, is there ANY team that people just collect blindly, no mater what?
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    Detroit was very popular, but with the car crisis, I'm not sure it's as big as before.

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    In no specific order except for the first 2.

    Bobby Orr
    Bandwagon - Pens
    Hawks/Flyers - push.
    Red Wings

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    I wouldn't say its just Malkin and Crosby for Pittsburgh.

    Before staal moved he was very popular.

    Letang and fleury have a very nice following. Even players like Talbot ( when with the team ) and Kennedy got better than common prices. Then you can't forget players like Mario, jagr, barrasso, Francis ++ that still get cards in pens unis.

    I think Montreal and Toronto are a given,.

    I'm sure #4 and #5 could be debated for a long time, but i would personally go with Edmonton, Chicago, Vancouver, Detroit and Philadelphia as a toss up for the last 2 spots.

    Ask this question in a few more years and Winnipeg can be thrown unto the mix
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    I am exlcusively a trader and based on my own experience over the past several years I would have to give the nod to Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with honourable mention to the New York Rangers.

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    I would say Toronto, New York (not the Isles...), Philadelphia, Montreal and Pittsburgh.
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    Hey hey hey now. Blindly?

    Wait, yeah....

    I still have some Scott Gomez cards.

    *hangs head in shame*
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    Edmonton should make things interesting with all those 1st overalls, throw in Eberle and they definately belong in the top 5.

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    I think Philly is up there. Either more Flyers guys popped up on the forum or more have developed b/c I didnt really notice as many Flyers maildays and show and tells as I'm seeing now.

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