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    Last one sold on ebay for $130, $100 dlvd and its yours...

    Donovan McNabb 05 SPA SOTT Gold /25 Redemption
    $100 dlvd takes this with DC & Insurance. The Last one on ebay went for $130 dlvd

    The non-gold one that is not #'d sold for $89 dlvd

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    no offense but thats very high. Peyton manning golds are lucky to get 120.

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    Okay, but I am just basing the price on what they have sold for on ebay...

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    why don't people just move the cards on ebay then.

    there's a guy that's been trying to sell a card on here and on beckett for what's seems to be all week. He's selling it under ebay solds. I know people need money faster so that's why, but he could have ran a 3 day auction already and had the payment.

    There are fees, but thats a price of doing business.

    anyway...just me wondering why you don't just sell it on ebay.


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    throw it on ebay and get your $130...after fees it is still well over $100 and you only have to wait about 4-5 days.

    If you can't wait, I have $80 paypal...

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    no offense or anything, but yes, the last one did go for $130, but you put this same one up on ebay and it didnt' sell for what u wanted. i'm sure if u put it up there w/ a lower(or no) BIN you'll get around $100 for it. of course you'd have fees, but not too bad. i dunno... just my .02

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