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    Bring me alshon prominence letters

    I need the "F", two of them. I have J E _ _ E R Y. If you dont know what they look like cmb and see what they are. Also willing to give a $5 finders fee for them if i can strike a deal with somebody who has them.

    If its on ebay, there will be no reward for finding it as i have them on notification. I had one ready to win but some clown outbid me with 5 seconds left on the auction, and i am in rage mode now. I hate some people.

    BRING ME THESE! I am literally pulling my hair out trying to get them and nobody seems to have them! THANKS!

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    come on people. i need these! its not a want, its like i will wither away into dust and no longer exist if i go without them much longer! lol

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