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    My Sauve PC cornerstone steal is here!

    For those of you that have not heard the story, I search multiple times daily for "Yann Sauve" day a few weeks ago I decided to just try "Sauve". This popped up, though I am not sure why I didn't see it in my normal searches because it said Yann Sauve in the title. Anyway, after the Sauve search and just $35 later, here is my new Yann Sauve cornerstone!

    Wait for it...

    Black Diamond Platinum 1/1!!!

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    Pretty sweet deal for a 1/1 of his, correct?
    #1: Barrasso
    Others: Lemieux, Penguins cards that look good to me
    Need Barrasso ITG Used Nameplates and Crosby NT Base Silver, Gold, Emerald

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    Maybe not to some, but I'd be fine paying twice that for it, so it's a massive steal for me, and my first non-plate 1/1 of him.

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