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Thread: ltb a steal of a re sale lot

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    ltb a steal of a re sale lot and patches or nicer rookies lmk Wat u have and price will have paypal Thursday

  2. Kronozio
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    is there a certain percentage under ebay average you are paying??????

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    Not really just steals I won't put them into ebay ill take them to shows

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    If someone has somethin they r selling pm me.and ill look st it I'm back and forth if I wanna continue collecting or not I mainly want broncos but if its a steal price ill look at anything

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    i can sell you some stuff for 15 that averages 20 on ebay? is that what you mean?

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    I'm lookin for a lot that I can get cheap enough that it makes me wanna keep collecting and if I choose.not to I can sell to my dealer buddy

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