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Thread: How Do You Avoid The "ITCH"

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    How Do You Avoid The "ITCH"

    How do you stay out of the hobby after you'd made the decision to leave. I find it hard not to buy anything after seeing all the Topps Chrome breaks. Getting that itch again and I'm trying to hold back.

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    I can't answer that cause normally I can't resist lol

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    By going to the games and obtaining the "CLAP". You will be surrounded by thousands of hardcore fans that don't necessarily collect cards to show how much of a fan they really are. If you aren't anything without cards, then how could you be something with them?

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    In my own experience with other hobbies that I no longer pursue, once I'm done with something, I'm done with it. Haven't bought a comic book (with one exception, for a special issue) since 1993. Have maintained my self-imposed boycott of all Star Wars merchandise solidly since the latest travesty revisions made by Lucas for the Blu-Rays. I've seen a couple cool things pop up from time to time, but I just stand fast and hold to the principle until the change/event that I want to see takes place.
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    It can be tough. I haven't bough a pack or a box in probably 15 years and I still find myself staring longingly at the card section of my local Target. That urge passes quickly when I realize that those packs have most likely been searched.

    Like a lot of others I have had my share of hobbies that I have given up on. Some I quit cold turkey and others I eased off over time. I still have some of my Leinenkugels beer items and some of my Wisconsin beer labels that I try to get rid of occasionally but I never seem to be able to bring myself to do it. I keep telling myself "someday I will get back into them. Heck just recently I found myself looking at plastic scale models of WWII airplanes on ebay. I haven't put one of those together in close to 30 years.

    It helps if you have something else to spend your money and time on. I realize, when I find myself looking at something I used to collect, that I quit collecting them not because I lost interest in them but to allow me to focus on my Packers stuff. I found that I could not do 2 or 3 collections justice so I had to choose.

    Lastly you have to ask yourself why you quit. If you are still getting the itch obviously you haven't lost all interest. Maybe a change in focus will help.

    Good luck but good hobbies always have a way of sucking you back in.

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    Not having any money is probably the easiest way to stay out. I go in and out simply for that reason. But I think I may be in for good as soon as a new contract comes though for me.

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    How do I avoid the "Itch"? I use protection.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by OZTATAR View Post
    How do I avoid the "Itch"? I use protection.....
    Thanks for that

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