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    Yeah I usually buy them keep the players i want then make a lot for Ebay or flea market
    Man, I wish I knew how to do Ebay successfully. I hear about all these people who make over 1k a month on the side just selling stuff on Ebay. I just started an Ebay acct b/c I've got a ton of cards I'd like to get rid of. So far, I'm not happy with using Ebay. I've only sold 2 items so far. My first sell was a disaster, but it was my fault. I put a 2011 Topps Chrome Mark Trumbo RC Xfractor on there, I offered FREE shipping & started the bidding at .99 cents. So what happens? I get only 1 bid, so he gets the card for .99 cents. Meanwhile, I go to the post office & spend more than .99 cents to ship it. I would have been better off throwing this card in the trash can. My mistake for not starting the bid higher, maybe $3.99 and not offering free S & H. I got a little smarter on my 2nd sell, I listed a 09 James Harden RC jersey/swatch #'d /250 with starting bid at $3.99 or BIN $6.50 + NO free S & H. So someone snags it up for the BIN price (I should have listed the BIN a little higher, but oh well.)
    So this is my Ebay experience so far.... I sell 2 cards (each $10+ cards) & I profited roughly $3. I know I didn't play my cards right (no pun intended) with Ebay, but I'm a total newbie to Ebay. But I'm already turned off by it. Sorry for my rant.

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    my best pull from target I got rid of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to early.... I pulled a Ryan Howard Bowmans Best auto rc back when he was still in the minors and at the time I really was not following minor league baseball so at the advice of some members on another sites I went ahead and traded it... they told me his path was blocked and he probably would not be that great of a pro and all this stuff so I traded it and it was at a real value that I traded it.... then he comes up to the majors blows up and the card started selling 300 to 500 or something crazy like that and I would get a sick feeling every single time I saw one go for a high price

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    I received a 2011 Prime blaster for christmas last year and pulled this :


    It turned me a pretty good profit so definitely my best pull from a retail blaster.


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    In 2004, I bought a $19.99 blaster box from Toys R' Us while shopping with my son, and I pulled a 2004 Topps Nolan Ryan Fan Favorites buyback auto that booked for $350 at the time. In 2006 I bought a 99 cent PACK of 2006 Topps football retail from Target, and I pulled a 2006 Topps Reggie Bush rookie auto that booked for $200 at the time. In 2010, I pulled a Ted Williams GU Jersey card from a $9.99 blaster box from Target. So I've had my fair share of decent pulls from cheap blaster boxes/packs.

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    I just started getting into collecting this year so I'm still a newbie. I pulled a Felix Hernandez Auto Relic Red Refractor Patch from a 2012 Bowman Platinum Blaster a few months ago. The card is #'d /25. Still have to redeem it though...

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    pulled a 2011 bowman platinum bryce harper auto out of a discounted platinum rack pack (for $4
    ,bv $200,sold for $128)

    ripken gu from 2011 lineage blaster
    starlin castro 2011 A&G auto
    joe kelly auto from 2012 bowman
    have 5308 different cardinals cards
    Total Different Cardinals Autos: (210 MLB Players) Total cardinals autos: (310)
    Total baseball Autos: (724)

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    Got a Joe Thornton jersey in a blaster of 11-12 Pinnacle hockey. But I knew it was going to have at least one jersey. Other than that, nothing spectacular besides inserts worth maybe $5 or so.
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