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Thread: 1 box of 11-12 Contenders

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    1 box of 11-12 Contenders

    Took advantage of DA's Pre-Black Friday sale and bought 3 boxes, decided to open 1 and out the other 2 in the closet for a rainy day or when I feel the urge to break something.

    At $50 a box can't complain one bit.

    From the one box I opened heres the hits:
    Cup Contenders Jaromir Jagr 495/999
    Cup Contenders Victor Hedman 734/999
    Calder Contenders Paul Postma 951/999
    Base Gold Pavel Datsyuk 072/100 (PC)

    NHL Ink Viktor Stalberg (badly damaged corner, filing a damage claim with panini)
    Calder Contenders Yann Sauve 051/800 (PC doing the set)
    Calder Contenders Rookie Patch Auto Gustav Nyquist 024/100 (Major PC 2 clr)

    Over all very pleased!!!
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    nothing wrong with that man, but isn't the Jagr /999?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kessel_fan_87 View Post
    nothing wrong with that man, but isn't the Jagr /999?
    Good catch, a little quick on the typing lol

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