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Thread: The new Photobucket!

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    The new Photobucket!

    Is it just me, or is it driving everyone insane! half the buttons wont work for me, when i go to a members photobucket it brings me to the new one and i have to click the "switch back to classic view" like 20X before it works THEN once it switches over it takes me to my home page not theirs... URGHHHH, they should just scrap the new idea and keep it the way it is, i much prefer things to stay the same. Next it'll turn into facebook, you just get used to the new layout and BAM theres a new one lol. Sorry had the vent, it's been driving me nuts for a few days but got really bad this afternoon

    End rant!

    Thanks for listening :P

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    Photobucket new face is terrible. At least there is the option to switch back to the old look, witch was OK. With the new look, half my cards were cut and presentation was just horrible for a sport collection. New interface is buggy and full of programming errors.

    I also had terrible errors using photobucket through firefox, I had to switch back to explorer. I suppose photobucket team is as sorry as us for the passation of sutch a terrible thing.

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    I couldn't figure it out, half the stuff didn't work, and it changed the way my PC pics looked, so I switched back. To make a long story short, it sucks according to me.

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    Haha I thought it was just me who thought it was terrible. I use Google Photos and I think it's really easy to use

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    I hated it as well...... simply choose you want to go back to the old format and like magic its how it used to be =P
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    Yeah ive done the same thing so to look ATM my bucket its the classic view but it seems like every few bucket i look at it brings me to the new version and when i click to change it it brings me back to the front page instead of back to their bucket

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