I have alot more than this. This is just what I have logged so far. Let me know who or what you are looking for. I am looking for autos mainly, but some other. The one on ebay I will have to have a good offer to pull the auction if there are no bids on it.

2005 Finest Brandon Jacobs
2005 Finest Courtney Roby
2005 Finest Autographs Refractor Adrian McPherson
2005 Finest Blue Xfractors Alvin Pearman (On ebay)
2005 Finest Green Refractors Vincent Jackson
2005 Finest Xfractors Chris Henry
2005 Sage Hit Autographs Blue Justin Miller
2005 Topps All-American Autographs William Perry (on ebay)
2005 Topps Turkey Red Autographs Santana Moss (on ebay)

Game Used
2001 Titanium Post Season Jerseys Edgerrin James
2004 Playoff Honors Alma Mater Materials Clinton Portis
2005 Playoff Honors Alma Mater Materials Mike Singleterry (on ebay)
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Marks of Fame Silver Antonio Gates
2005 Bowman Draft Day Selections Relics Cedric Benson
2005 Sweet Spot Rookie Sweet Swatches Carlos Rogers
2005 Throwback Threads Footballs Matt Hasselbeck
2005 Topps Turkey Red Relics Isaac Bruce
2005 Upper Deck ESPN Sports Center Swatches Peyton Manning
2005 Upper Deck Game Jerseys Kevin Jones
2005 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jerseys Andrew Walter
2005 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jerseys Carlos Rogers x2

Rookie Refractors, Xfractors, chrome, etc.
2005 Finest Gold Refractors Dan Orlovsky
2005 Topps Chrome Black Refractors Craig Bragg
2005 Topps Chrome Refractors Andrew Walter
2005 Topps Chrome Refractors Paris Warren
2005 Bowman Chrome Bronze Refractors Adam Jones
2005 Bowman Chrome Red Refractors Nate Burleson
2005 Bowman Chrome Red Refractors James Killian
2005 Bowman Chrome Red Refractors Rian Riddle
2005 Bowman Chrome Red Refractors Bryan Randle
2005 Topps Heritage Foil THC9A Reggie Brown
2005 Topps Heritage Foil THC19B Terrence Murphy
2005 Topps Heritage Foil THC32A Andrew Walter
2005 SAGE HIT Reflect Blue Alex Smith
2005 Ultra Gold Medallion Fabian Washington
2005 Ultra Gold Medallion Erasmus James
2005 Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity True Blue Parallel Vincent Fuller
2005 Playoff Honors Vanguard Derrick Tinsley
2005 Throwback Threads Bronze Holofoil Alvin Pearman
2005 Throwback Threads Retail Foil Rookies Fabian Washington
2005 Throwback Threads Retail Foil Rookies Noah Herron
2005 Zenith Artist's Proofs Larry Brackins
2005 Turkey Red White Aaron Rodgers
2005 Turkey Red White Reggie Brown
2005 Turkey Red Red Carnell Williams
2005 Turkey Red Red Troy Williamson
2005 Turkey Red Red J.J. Arrington
2005 Turkey Red Red Roscoe Parish
2005 Turkey Red Red Dan Orlovsky
2005 Turkey Red Red Ciatrick Fason