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Thread: wtb for 1.00 dlvd

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    wtb for 1.00 dlvd

    i know its not much, looking to see whats available for 1.00 in a pwe

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    any single card in this thread, 1 paypal gift dlvd

    $1 Delivered sell list..... Star numbered, xfractors, rookies....

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    1. Main player wants- P. Manning/R. Moss/L. Tomlinson/D. Brees/M. Faulk
    2. If you ask for prices and don't reply with an answer I will not be replying to your "price" questions anymore. If not interested a simple no will do.

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    alshon jeffery 2012 topps rc
    reuben randle 2012 score rc
    Leonard hankerson 2011 score hot rookie

    take all 3 of these if you want em
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