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Thread: Mixed Pack Box Blues

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    Mixed Pack Box Blues

    We've all seen the "re-packed" boxes of cards. 16 packs (+4 bonus packs!) for $19.99. I've bought quite a few. You don;t get the big bang cards, but it satisfies the urge to rip packs and you get a variety of cards. Every once in a while you get an SPx pack, or SP Game Used which is nice. All in all, it is a cheap way to get your card fix.

    Lately, however, I have become increasing disappointed with the packs they put in the boxes. In the past you could count on one or two lame packs, several Victory & OPC packs and 4 - 5 Upper Deck packs. The last few boxes I've bought have been loaded with Pro Set and 90-91 Score packs. Talk about lame!! The cardboard box the packs came in is probably worth more than the Pro Set cards in the box!!

    Final straw - Today I decided to give it one last try. My 20 packs are:
    Puck Attax - 2 packs
    90-91 Pro Set - 4 packs
    09-10 Victory - 5 packs
    98-99 UD Choice - 4 packs
    09-10 Ultra - 2 packs

    and the "best" of the box:
    09-10 OPC - 2 packs
    06-07 Upper Deck Series I - 1 pack

    They've just lost a good customer!
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    Thanks for posting this...around here there is nothing but searched packs at retailers and I get intrigued by these and need the occasional reminder not to buy. Plus, the UD packs are usually the five-card ones that come out of blasters if I'm not mistaken.
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    I buy these every once in a while as well. Usually I get anywhere from 2-4 victory packs, 1-2 OPC, 1-2 Fleer, 1-2 MVP, 3-4 UD packs, and then a couple random one like H&P (retail) or Hot Prospects.

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    The last straw for me was the Classic Radek Dvorak gold-foil stamped "auto" in the mystery box what promised the $$$ value jersey or auto as well as the packs. The 2 08/09 Fleer Ultra packs that were in there had been opened. The rest of it was just as junky.

    That said, they're not gonna miss you or me, Christmas is a-comin and they'll fly out the store as stocking stuffers. Crime pays, evil wins, etc.
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