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    Eli Manning 2006 Topps DPP Refractor /99

    Looking for Redskins in return


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    Are you looking for any Redskins or just current?
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    I have a bunch of 2012 chrome redskins ref
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    -BECKETT SUPER COLLECTOR JULY 2006 ISSUE#196+NOV 2008 ISSUE #220 i collect Ed Reed,Ravens,Baltimore Colts+ nice stuff
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    It doesn't have to be current. Just something that is similar. Most likely an equal star in a good brand that's numbered as low. But if you're creative it could be anything.


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    Hey Adam!! First Off I'd Like To "WELCOME" Ya To SCF. Ya Came To THE BEST Trading Card Site On The Net. I Have These Card's If Ya Could Use Any. I'd LOVE To Have That Eli Manning Card.

    '12 Topps Black Ser#26/57 #55 Roy Helu

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0027/2012 #84 Pierre Garcon

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0174/2012 #153 Santana Moss

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0297/2012 #326 Kirk Cousins RC

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0616/2012 #391 Washington Redskins/NFC East Division

    '12 Topps Gold Ser#0475/2012 #428 Rex Grossman

    '12 Sage Hit #47 RG3 RC

    '12 Sage Hit #10 RG3 RC

    '12 Score "Numbers Game" #13 Brandon Banks

    '12 Topps Platinum Xfactor #104 Kirk Cousins RC

    LMK If Ya Could Use Anything From This List & Lets Get Us A Trade Going.

    Thanks, John
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    Trains975- I was looking for something that matches it a little closer instead of trading for more lower cards, but let me see what else is out there and I'll get back to you.

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    Hey Adam!!! Man I Wish Ya Could Use Any Of My Card's. LOL But Just LMK If Ya Don't Trade It.

    Thanks, John

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