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Thread: How did you choose your PC?

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    How did you choose your PC?

    Thinking of starting a pc. Haven't really decided about anyone yet. I'm kind of thinking about Morgan Rielly-- the Leafs' draft pick from this past draft. Just wondering how some of you decided to collect who you collect and how you got started.

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    There's as many options as there are people, but if you want to keep up your passion, collect what YOU like.


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    I'm a very old man, judging by most of the rest of you, my dad took me to a Stanley Cup parade in 1977 down St Catharine's Street. My heroes were (are) Ken Dryden & Guy Lafleur, so when I started opening 20 and 25 cent packs of OPC those were the guys I held on to most of all, plus Mike Bossy & Billy Smith and a few others. When I got back into collecting in 1990/91 there was Gretzky and Cujo and Kariya and Yzerman and Sakic and Hasek to chase. Then there were way too many cards and I quit again, and then 99/00 Century Legends dragged me back in until 2002. And the Crosby and Ovechkin hooked me AGAIN and I've been here ever since. I don't collect players as much as just stuff that I like, so maybe I'm not so helpful.

    BUT.............I like Colorado again, they're rebuilding slowly but surely, and I have little PC's of Steve Downie and Semyon Varlamov started.

    Morgan Reilly looks like a sure thing, but being a Leaf, he won't be going cheap once things get started eh? I WISH there was a Canucks draft pick I could get excited about like that...........good luck to yas!
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    The girlfriend and I started colecting ovechkin in the beginning because we both love his style of play but quickly realized we couldn't afford to have a decent collection of him other than low end, so we scrapped it and both chose our favorite, lesser known players, lesser collected players.... she chose Galiardi I chose Gerbe.

    She is way more dedicated to her PC than I am lol but we've acquired some amazing cards for prices we can afford so it's been a lot of fun focusing on his cards.

    My advice would be to pick someone you can afford to collect or you may get discouraged (like we did) because your wayching all these nice cards slip away but if moneys not an issue than he sky's the limit :P

    Hope this helps and good luck with whoever you decide

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    I pick players I like from the Sharks organization since their AHL affiliate (Worcester) is about 5 minutes from me. I started with Logan Couture at the end of the 08-09 season, but recently decided that he had too many cards for me to chase after I took a few months off. Started collecting Harri Sateri back at the end of the 10-11 season when he got brought up from Finland to end the season. I feel he's going to be a good goalie down the road and is relatively cheap, besides the low numbered cards. I'd say to choose a player or team that you follow closely and feel you can connect to. Best of luck to you on your decision!

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    Carey Price is the goalie for the Habs. Is there a more revered position?

    Josh Gorges is from my hometown, captain of the junior team, and now plays for the Habs.
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    I started collecting hockey cards in 1990. The Edmonton Oilers were (and still are) my favorite team. They were coming off a cup win in the 89-90 season, with Bill Ranford being the MVP. He was my favorite player at the time (and remained so for the rest of his career).

    When I started collecting hockey cards - while sets were something that I would chase, all of Bill Ranford's cards were also something I enjoyed going after.
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    My main PC is Toews so I will talk about that.

    A good friend of mine had tickets to the 2006 NHL Draft in Vancouver! Was super stoked as I have never been in such an event! After the first 14 (we didnt care much about who was drafted after Vancouver chose theirs) and decided to head out and get autographs!
    A few players later up pops the 3rd overall pick! Got his auto and was able to spot myself on television in a crowd getting his autograph!

    Of course I didnt start collecting again until 2009 but that was the first thing that popped up! Never looked back since!
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    Cool. Thanks for the responses everyone. I like seeing how the decisions came about. Helps me pick and choose a little more. Still thinking about what to do. I want to start soon-ish but it's hard because of the lockout and the player I'm thinking about. But I want to make the right decision too.

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    I never really had a PC player before the 08/09 season and liked what I saw in Schenn when he was drafted. That said he is another #5 overall pick the Leafs made and the question when he was traded was whether it was a case of him not panning out, was he rushed along too fast, or the personality clash with a coach on the way out.

    The other players are all from my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador. I started that collection in 08/09 as well when Dan LaCosta and Pascal Pelletier both born in my hometown of Labrador City got their rookie cards, then I added the other two Newfie rookies from 08/09 and so on and so on until I found myself not collecting Leafs at all outside of Schenn, Bower, and Gustavsson. It is the favorite part of my collection now I not for a new addition that will be in a show and tell thread on Sunday/Monday.
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