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Thread: How did you choose your PC?

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    I made my decision differently for each of my two main Pc's
    Paul Bissonnette. The reason I collect him is he was an unknown Penguins grinder/tough guy with a great Twitter account. The Penguins are my favorite team and even though he was traded a few years back I still collect him. I also like that companies are starting to notice his popularity and have now inserted him into a few sets.

    Dustin Tokarski. His reason is different because he wasn't picked because of my favorite team. Instead I picked Tokarski because of his save in the World Juniors a few years back. (look it up on Youtube, one of the best saves ever). And he is a talented young goalie with some trophies already to his name (world juniors, memorial cup, and a calder cup championship). Now I am just patiently waiting until he works his way to either a starting role or a decent backup role.

    Two very random Pc's, but I also collect the Penguins as a whole. Sometimes it doesn't have to be one player, it can be an affiliation to a hometown or a favorite team.

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    My suggestion for a PC is collect a player you really like and would keep their cards if they got traded or signed with a different team than your favourite team.

    Mats Sundin was my favourite player as a kid watching the Toronto Maple Leafs so I started a small collection of his. Probably 50 or 60 unique cards. I then stopped collecting as a teenager (I did pick up a few packs and cards but not much) but returned to collecting as a young adult with a job and income to pay for my collection. I started scooping up his cards on ebay and trading for his cards on SCF. I now have over 1,000 unique Sundin cards including several 1/1s and lots of high end autos and memorabilia cards as well as inserts, parallels, base, and common gu cards.

    For my Nikolai Kulemin collection I was looking for a Leafs rookie to collect as a secondary player PC. I wanted someone good but affordable and that put Schenn out of the question (he is good just wasn't affordable). The reason I wanted to collect a rookie is I wanted to get a complete rookie player collection and I continued to collect his cards each year.

    Morgan Rielly is a great choice if you have the budget to afford all his cards.

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    Just made a decision myself on what I would collect. I'm a huge Oilers fan so I'm collecting all Oilers cards from certain sets. Starting with Upper Deck Series 1 from last 3 years. After that I'll branch out and do other years or other series.

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    just as many others here, I started by collecting the players that influenced me - Wendel Clark; Frank Mahovlich; Grant Fuhr; to name the main ones - and just had that sort of running "along-side" of my set building projects. Tey all sort of go into my memorabilia area/collection. I am trying to get one card from every year they all played from the main " wax -pack" card companies of the times they played. Not woriied about value, as much as having a "Complete set" to represent each year that they played. I am now filing in holes for these guys and some more in football and baseball as well

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    Henrik Sedin - Relatively cheap in the hobby world. Captain of the Canucks, I'm a captain myself on my hockey team.. seems logical... classy guy, I want to say like myself to but that may be too much :P - I was lucky enough to pull his Silhouette which I am still waiting for... guess it was meant to be.

    Datsyuk: I just love the way he plays... I try to mimic his style on the ice as well. He's more $$ but it's not like I'm set on having all of his cards. I changed my hockey number to #13 now because of him and it matches the date with my GF anniversary.

    Paul Kariya: My fav player growing up, wore #9 all the years and he was my first PC (albeit, mostly base and inserts as a kid). When I took a break from hockey during Univ and finally went back #9 was taken by another guy... which is how I was led to #13. I also liked Cammelari for awhile... who is also #13.

    I will say it's nice to have a nice amount of cards of each the 3 but not really set on chasing every card. For me it's a boring way to collect but that's just me. I will most likely keep all the stuff I have of these 3 players and just trade/ebay/sell the other hits I pull to fund pack/box breaking - imo, the best part of this hobby.
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    Never intended to start a player collection but it kind of just happened.

    Being a Flyers fan watching the 10-11 Season and watching Bobrovsky, an undrafted free agent rookie start the season with a win against Pittsburgh and follow it up going 11-3-1 in his firs 15 starts (9-0-1 at one point, a 10 game unbeaten in regulation streak) I was a little impressed and figured I'd pick up a card or two for the the Flyers goalie PC. Started out slowly with just one or two cards but then another would come out and I'd say to myself "Gee thats a nice design I might as well"....before I knew it I was up to 25-30 cards and figured might as well just make it a full PC and start collecting him full time.

    As a Flyers fan the trade to Columbus definitely hurts but I still like Bobs no matter what and will continue to collect him as Blue Jacket and even watch and support the Jackets (Never thought I'd say that before lol). Now if we could just get this lockout over or wait until next season, I'm eagerly awaiting the chance at some nice Blue Jacket patches to add to the PC.

    So Actually my PC was started accidentally and I just rolled with it. Currently 4 cards away from the 100 different card mark (96 unique cards 122 if you count doubles). May not have the largest or most complete PC in the world but its coming around and hope to have it doubled by the end of 2013!

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    For Peckham & Dzieduszycki, Immow them both personally. With Derek King, he was my favorite player growing up. As for Cizikas and Ullstrom, they're up and coming talents that I just like the playing style.
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    My PC is torn apart.

    I had every Terry Sawchuk and Gordie Howe card from 1951-1972, and 2,275 different Yzerman cards.

    I have 2 Vintage Sawchuk left and 3 Howe. I only have about 1,000 different Yzerman left. Everything is going, as the Hobby is not the Hobby I grew up with, it's a bit of a disaster really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    My PC is torn apart.

    I had every Terry Sawchuk and Gordie Howe card from 1951-1972, and 2,275 different Yzerman cards.

    I have 2 Vintage Sawchuk left and 3 Howe. I only have about 1,000 different Yzerman left. Everything is going, as the Hobby is not the Hobby I grew up with, it's a bit of a disaster really.
    hmm...Sawchuck's nephew taught me to play goalie years back. Which vintage cards do you have? He is one guy I want to start a PC of....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    Carey Price is the goalie for the Habs. Is there a more revered position?

    Josh Gorges is from my hometown, captain of the junior team, and now plays for the Habs.
    Don't forget heir to a Dairy Queen empire...or did they sell off...and are you here now?

    I'm from one town over from the hometown RGM mentioned. Four guys who played minor hockey have gone to bigger things:
    Steve Kelly (NHL - Stanley Cup winner)
    Barry Brust NHL/AHL - Calder Cup winner in the A)
    Danny Watkins (NFL - 1st round draft pick to Philly)
    Justin Schultz (NHL - This past summer was the most coveted free agent in the league this summer, despite having zero NHL games played)
    Went to school with Barry and Danny. Used to ref Justin's games every weekend. Met Steve once. Nice guy.

    So yeah, that's how I decided.

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