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    ITG Superlative Book Break and REVIEW!!!

    Finally got my book in from DAcardworld! So excited to open up this product. Here's my review of it. As usual there is a chance to win a card from my break!


    Here's me breaking my book:

    And here are scans of the hits:

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    Ceci's got an absolute CANNON of a slapper. A very promising prospect IMO. Considering this is like a "bad" book in the product... lol. The other book in this case would be absolutely loaded.

    Still, you had an insane break, the Luongo patch was nasty, and you got some pieces of hockey history. This product is a beauty.

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    WOW that Luongo ...... drooooool

    PM sent
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    Nice swatches on the Luongo and the Fleury. Loving the Yzerman auto

    Congrats on the book.

    I am interested in the Ceci. Please check my inventory and let me know
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