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    4 Box break of 11-12 Score, not the best but was fun to bust some boxes!!!

    Never hit a Nugent Hopkins rookie out of the 4 boxes but oh well, hit one auto of not too great a rookie but not bad i guess, anyways here is the link for the scans

    also pulled like 140 or 150 Glossy cards too, everything is for trade

    Also pulled this rookie with no number on the back, just wondering if it is an error card or if all were printed like this

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    There were about four or five that were printed with no number on the back. I could use that Sateri if you are looking to move it. Please PM me.

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    Urghhh stupid new photo bucket lol! Just wondering if you pulled any Galiardi (I believe I'm looking for his gold and black) from this set

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    ya i hate the new bucket oh well, galiardi i don't think i did, if i did just the base and possible glossy, gold would have been in bucket and don't think i pulled any black

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    Those are SSP's They are called the No Number rookies and are very rare! I happened to pull 2 of them one being sateri aswell and alexei emelin. I got $25 each for mine. Nice pull!

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    oh wow so you mean you sold them for 25 each? that's awesome, would love if i could do that lol, i am glad it is rare though and not just a normal error card

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    I actually did very well with score last year. I pulled 2x Hodgson, 2x Palushi, 2x Colborne, Sateri and ended up trading for Atkinson and Emilen. I only need Horak and Smith to complete the set.
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