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    John McCain and Lindsey Graham are gigantic hypocrites....

    in 2003 Condolezza Rice went on every sunday talk show and said the famous line "We don't want the proof of WMD's to be a mushroom cloud...." . It was a lie, a blatant lie. It was a far more egregious lie than saying the attack in Libya was a result of the tape as well. Mr. Graham's and McCain's response in 2005 when Ms. Rice was nominated to be Sec of State? They went after any democrat (or republican) who dared to bring up her lies on National TV... even the suggestion that her record might weaken her ability to speak diplomaticly around the world was rebutted harshly by them, and many other republicans both in the Senate and House....

    fast forward to now.. the new Ms. Rice hasn't even been nominated yet and the Republicans are going nuts again... this time in a complete 180 manner... going after Susan Rice for exactly the same thing Condolezza did before.

    Hypocrisy.. the republican way.
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    I was hoping you were also going to share that McCain made a statement saying she did nothing wrong....and that nothing was change in the talking points...
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