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    one trade done, looking for more

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    I need this one:

    SPA Scott Clemmensen Future Watch 422/900 RC

    Got a scan?

    If I don't have anything you need, would you consider tradebait? It's a minor deal, so let me know.


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    Tony, dont have a scan, but I did not see any Pens stuff in your FT bucket...I can make a scan, but it is a non auto Future Watch just so you know..

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    The fact that is not autographed is no issue. I collect both auto'd and non-auto'd Future Watch cards.

    I do not have many Penguins that I'm willing to part with I'm afraid.

    The Clemmenson isn't high-end. Can you find some tradebait you could take back in return?

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    Updated, more trades wanted

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    still would love to get that richards /3 off of you

    i still have that graded lemieux collectors choice paltinum plyaers club bv100 ungraded
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    My main focus is anything pre 88-89 hockey and i collect 2 players from P.E.I., Brad Richards and Brandon Gormley

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    the Richards was traded, sorry

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    Anything I can get you for your Colliton FWA? Up for a small trade? I'll send you a list of my Penguins?
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    2013-14 Panini Prizm Autos, TSC First Day Issue, Veteran Autos, Young Gun RCs, SP Authentic Auto RCs
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    I like to trade to Canada/Europe, but usually send via carefully packed enforced PWE's and/or CD mailers unless I let you know otherwise.

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