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Thread: Add Denny's to the list

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    Who is she?

    and I know who Ann is!

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    Because the CEO doesn't have to take a pay cut. He works for the share holders. The share holders pay him to make good decisions. If you don't pay properly then the share holders wouldn't invest. If the share holders don't invest the Papa John will loose his revenue. If he loses that, no pizza for anyone. Someone will always be willing to pay top dollar for a good CEO that is willing the decisions. Bottom line there is demand that justifies his pay. Cut his/her pay they walk and someone else takes the job. Plus Papa Jahn always has to be concerned with Pizza Hut or some other competitor stepping in and making him/her their CEO which would also be bad for Papa John. Like wise the same goes for other pizza chains. If you cut the CEO's pay and distribute amongst the employees they would no real net in pay increase
    I think you miss the point of the statement or question
    Now you opened the topic...

    From 1978 to 2011, CEO compensation increased more than 725 percent, a rise substantially greater than stock market growth and the painfully slow 5.7 percent growth in worker compensation over the same period. and the CEO works for the Bottom line! PERIOD.

    Before anyone jumps me...I have no problem with any person being successful. CEO have always received good salaries and some have very much earned their salary and then some. But where does this end? One CEO was receiving 260 times the lowest employee...and the company lost money that year.

    A good CEO is a well round business person. the CEO of pap johns is just greedy! Plain ans simple.
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