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    5 packs Threads and some card shop pickups

    Nothing huge to post here, but figured I'd show what I got.

    In my 5 packs I got a Dave Cowen auto, Hayward and Nick Young inserts, a Westbrook insert, and Hakeem insert.
    Other pickups included an Anthony Mason auto (never seen one in a Knicks uniform before) and a Antonio Pittman patch card (2/10, has half of the Reebok logo on it). And then of course some vintage for my next batch of TTM requests.

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    Is the Mason for trade and if so what would you need for it?

    Also can you use any of these:

    2011-2012 Past & Present:
    16 Changing Times Connie Hawkins (Pittsburgh Pipers)
    76 Elgin Baylor
    77 Larry Bird
    78 Julius Erving
    83 Sam Jones
    87 Hakeem Olajuwon
    94 John Stockton
    100 James Worthy
    189 KC Jones
    198 Wes Unseld

    71-72 Topps ABA:
    185 James Jones
    204 Freddie Lewis
    208 Larry Miller
    209 Sonny Dove
    218 Chuck Williams
    220 Donnie Freeman
    221 Randy Mahaffey
    227 Ray Scott
    231 Gene Moore
    232 Ralph Simpson

    73-74 Topps:
    185 George Thompson
    223 Gene Moore

    74-75 Topps:
    251 Ronnie Robinson

    75-76 Topps:
    235 Ron Boone
    265 Don Chaney
    267 Don Washington

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    The Mason could be traded but it would have to be something I really like. I picked it up to go with some of my 90's NBA stuff (so I would probably be looking for something similar in return).

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    I'll keep that in mind, meanwhile lmk if you need any of that aba stuff and we'll work a deal on it.

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    Which Westbrook insert did you get?

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    Honestly I can't even find the stack of cards now lol

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    well, if you ever dig 'em up, lmk via pm :)

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