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Thread: Bucket/Broken Xbox Sale

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    Bucket/Broken Xbox Sale

    Yep, xbox is on the verge of breaking, so it's time to pick up a new one.

    Would like to get the money together as fast as possible, so everything in my bucket is for sale.
    Feel free to ask about anything in the PC section, but Team Canada stuff will probably be near impossible to get

    Here's a preview of some goodies that are available;

    Lots of other graded and ungraded cards sitting in my bucket as well.
    Help me get a new Xbox! :D

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    Also making these available for the first time:

    There are no other Schenn or Paajarvi BGS 10s on the Population Report. Not only that, these are the only 10s out of the 35 2010-11 SPx Finite series graded by Beckett.

    The Fowler is 1 of 2 graded a BGS 9.5. - $30 obo
    The Stepan is 1 of 2 graded a BGS 9.5. - $60 obo

    Paajarvi - $100 obo
    Schenn - $80 obo

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    Help me replace my Xbox folks, Im gettimg one of those fancy Star Wars ones if that persuades you at all :D

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    Sold a few, looking to move more!

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