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    Half Case of Topps Chrome Hobby

    Will be doing a quick recap after each box, probably posting some scans of the really good stuff later tonight! Not sure if anything will be for trade at the moment (have to figure out what I need for my sets). Enjoy!

    UPDATED: Here are the scans of the Autos!!!

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    BOX #1

    AUTO - BCA Pink Refractor (on-card) DOUG MARTIN /75!!!

    - 1984 Nick Foles /99
    - Sepia Aaron Hernandez /99
    - Prism Steve Smith /216
    - BCA Pink Jimmy Graham /399
    - Camo Matt Schaub /499

    - Red Zone Andrew Luck!!!
    - 1957 Doug Martin
    - 1984 Trent Richardson
    - Doug Martin RC
    - Russell Wilson RC

    No complaints here! Onto Box 2!

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    Solid hit on the Doug Martin.... Hopefully he stays a solid running back and doesnt slow down!

    Good luck on box 2

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    Didn't think it would get better than the Doug Martin, but I might have been wrong...

    BOX #2

    AUTO - Camo Refractor (on-card) RGIII /105!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Blue Santonio Holmes /199
    - Prism Steve Johnson /216
    - BCA Pink Blaine Gabbert /399
    - Camo Matt Forte /499

    - 1957 Andrew Luck!!!
    - 1957 Ryan Tannehill
    - Tall Boy RGIII!!!
    - 1984 RGIII!!!
    - Andrew Luck RC!
    - RGIII RC!
    - Brandon Weeden RC

    This is already the best break I have had in years, not expecting ANYTHING else at this point! And talk about an RGIII box, that would be 4 in this one, along with 2 Lucks!!!

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    That was a RG3 box for sure. Maybe you should stop now.

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    Nice frickin pulls so far. I just pulled a 1957 auto logo patch Kendall Wright 10/10.
    I collect vintage in all sports and rookies. However, I do love any Red Sox, Bears, Penguins or Celtics that I need for PC! Need 1959 Topps Baseball cards for a set (ending stages). My cards come from smoke free environment, so please be upfront if your cards are not. Also if your cards are creased or bent, be honest about it.

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    Can't win 'em all I guess, but still could have been worse (and can I really complain at this point???)...

    BOX #3

    AUTO - Redemption DRE KIRKPATRICK (at least I get a bonus blue wave pack from Topps!)

    - Tall Boy Michael Floyd /99
    - Blue Sam Bradford /199
    - Prism Doug Baldwin /216
    - Black Dont'a Hightower RC /299
    - Camo Josh Freeman /499

    - Red Zone Doug Martin
    - 1984 Russell Wilson
    - Andrew Luck RC!
    - RGIII RC!
    - Brandon Weeden RC
    - Ryan Tannehill RC

    Still solid on the RCs and I was hoping that if I got any no-name RCs they would be redemptions (increases my chances of grabbing that Alfred Morris Auto!!!). 3 more to go!

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    I am working on the Josh Freeman Rainbow and need only the Purple and Pink but if you hit any other Freeman Refractors, jprt80 could use them for his rainbow

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