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    FUN breaks - 2010, Title Shot, Finest. Hmm is that "Ruby" red or "Diamond" red

    Tons of fun killing time this evening with a variety of breaks. HUGE thanks to a member of this board, he knows who he is, who did the ultimate favor for a fellow collector: grabbing a few more deeply discounted boxes at a local show when I couldn't make it out for the last day!

    First up, 2010, traditionally not my favorite overall product, but great memories being that this was the first release I collected on a retail level.

    AUTO: Jim Miller (PC! Yes!), Chandella Powell EXCH (groan...)
    SILVER /188: Thiago Alves
    RELICS: Shogun Mat, Brock Gear

    Another weak 2010 box.

    Title Shot: a lot of variety here, but another generally overpriced product with extremely difficult hits and condition sensitive autographs. I actively collect the base autograph set so I'm always looking for those, which are not guaranteed in every box.

    AUTO: Dominick Cruz (very nice! already had it, but you can't scoff at a champion's 1st auto), JDS Auto Relic (which I think is a SP?)
    RELICS: Palhares Mat, Dan Severn Belt Replica 01/25 (!)

    Finest 2012: Enjoy the ride!

    PARALELLS: Diaz Finest Moments, Overeem Finest Moments /188, Condit Gold /88, Kongo + Bones + Kampmann /188

    1st Mini Box: Joe Lauzon 1st Auto, (I actually have 5-6 and I'm OK with that!), Chuck Liddell Gear, Pat Berry Mat
    2nd Mini Box: Frank Mir Finest Moments Auto, Rashad Evans Mat, and.....

    Daniel Cormier Gear 1/1 - Last Pack Punch!

    Enjoy 154 this weekend folks. Cards are generally FS/FT!
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    if selling pm me individual prices on the autos n the brock gear
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    Good stuff man! That Cormier threads is money! Especially when the guy finally moves to the UFC and starts demolishing people there. Nice Title Shot hits as well! It's crazy how rare those base autos seem to be.

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    Awesome boxes esp the TitleShot! Cruz!
    Do you PC Jim Miller?

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    Cruz is up for grabs as I already have him in my set. Anyone into Cruz or Benavidez can PM me. And if anyone has Akiyama or Gomi, definitely PM me!

    Frizzle - Yeah I have a nice Dan & Jim Miller PC. What a great brother duo. I'm slowly putting them together in my Photobucket if you check it out (link below). I have 1 dual, 5 Jim autos, 4 Dans, and some nice gear pieces.

    Whoa - I've gone through maybe 6 total TS boxes. I pulled Bendo, Hamman, and now Cruz. That's 1 in 2 boxes for the base autographs, which is crazy.
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