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Thread: Wttf: Redskins

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    Have these Redskins:

    Interested in the TJ Yates auto, Dwyer auto, and any 49ers Platinum. Lmk.

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    Everything is available except for PC
    Only taking offers atm.

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    have bowman rg3 rookie lmk if can use it

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    Skinssabres1- I'll have to check my skins. My list isn't on this computer but I do have doubles of jersey/autos. I think the only autos I need from this years team is Alfred Morris and London Fletcher. I'm always open to Redskins trades though. I started collecting again last year with a goal of 1000 different jersey/auto cards in five years. I have around 220 right now so I'm on pace. LOL I enjoy helping other people with their collections almost as much as collecting my own stuff. It's more fun that way.


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    Do you have any other Raiders (jerseys or numbered)?

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    babyhuey- I'll PM you soon.

    rtsjr- I have one but if there was something you wanted you can make an offer

    I have these that I guess you saw
    Taiwan Jones- 2011 Topps Chrome (Auto)
    Denarius Moore- 2011 Threads 254/299 (Auto)
    Sam Keller - 2008 Donruss Threads 439/999 (Auto)
    Taiwan Jones- Topps Legend jersey (Aspiring Legacies) 14/99
    2011 Threads Willie Brown (Heritage Collection) jersey HOF
    Louis Murphy Rookies and stars (red) #'d 58/150

    That's what I have marked down right now.


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    Nice to see another skins fan here. Below are my Redskins stuff I have available for trade/sale. I also have base, rc's, inserts, etc available. Let me know if you need anything.
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    rookies: Hidden Content

    inserts, #'d cards, etc: Hidden Content

    #1 Redskins Collector!!!!!!!!!

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    Never got a pm.

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    Everything is available except for PC
    Only taking offers atm.

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    like the dwyer au

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    Babyhuey- Sent you a PM

    mlkman- nice game today. I'll take a look at your extras and let you know what I have.

    rtsjr- What are you looking to trade for him? I have a few offers and deals I'm working through with him.

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    have bowman rg3 rc

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