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Thread: Wttf: Redskins

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    Wttf: Redskins

    I'll just keep adding to my list. Right now I have my autos and platinum up. I'll try to do jerseys as soon as I can.

    Just let me know what you have and what your team or a player you're looking for and I'll let you know what I have. I'm also looking for any Robert Griffins.


    Jon Baldwin- 2011 Threads Letterman "A" 338/350 (Auto)
    Jon Baldwin- 2011 Playoff Contenders (Rookie Ink) (Auto)
    Jeremy Horne- 2010 Donruss (Rated Rookie) (Auto)
    Dwayne Bowe- Topps Legends 10/10 (Stamp/Auto)

    Jacquizz Rodgers- 2011 Threads Letterman "D" 185/350 (Auto)
    Sean Weatherspoon- 2010 Threads 103/499 (Auto)

    Erin Henderson- 2008 Threads #180 124/999 (Auto)

    Cam Newton- 2011 Threads Letterman "N" 54/300 (Auto)
    Armanti Edwards - 2010 Topps Magic (Auto)
    Amini Silatolu - 2012 Leaf Draft (Auto)


    TJ Yates - 2011 Threads 192/299 (Auto)
    Xavier Adibi 2008 SP (Rookie Signatures) (Auto)

    2010 Plates and Patches- Derrick Morgan 393/649 (Auto)
    2011 Topps Legends Darren Evans 55/99 (Auto)
    Akeem Ayers- 2011 Threads 112/299 (Auto)

    D'Brickashaw Ferguson- Topps Finest 199/399 (Auto)
    Erik Ainge- 2008 SP (Auto)

    Pat Devlin - 2011 Prestige 863/1499 (Auto)

    Tampa Bay-
    Ahmad Black- 2011 Prestige 606/699 (Auto)


    Austin Pettis -2011 Hit (Auto)

    Anthony Castonzo- 2011 Threads 52/299 (Auto)
    Austin Collie - 2009 Press Pass (Auto)

    Taiwan Jones- 2011 Topps Chrome (Auto)
    Denarius Moore- 2011 Threads 254/299 (Auto)
    Sam Keller - 2008 Donruss Threads 439/999 (Auto)

    Yamon Figurs 2008 SP (Star Signatures) (Auto)

    Zak Deossie- Bowman Sterling (thick) 222/1800 (Auto)

    Cameron Jordan- 2011 Threads 86/299 (Auto)

    LaMichael James- Topps (Auto)

    Aaron Williams - 2011 Gridiron Gear 152/299 (Auto)

    Seahawks- Kris Durham 2011 Threads RC 296/299

    2012 Platinum-

    Steelers - Mike Wallace, Troy Palamalu, Chris Rainey- RC

    Rams- Janoris Jenkins- RC (Orange) , Chris Givens- RC (Orange) , Brian Quick- RC, Isaiah Pead- RC

    Seahawks- Russell Wilson- RC (Orange) , Robert Turbin- RC (Orange)

    Cowboys- Jason Witten, Miles Austin, Morris Claiborne- RC (orange)

    Patriots- Rob Gronkoski, Aaaron Hernandez

    Saints- Drew Brees (Red Thick card), Mark Ingram, Jimmy Graham, Marques Colston, Nick Toon - RC (Orange)

    Giants- Ruben Randle (Xfractors)- RC, Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, Ruben Randle- RC (Orange)

    Bucs- Mark Barron (Xfractores)- RC, Mark Barron- RC (Orange) , Doug Martin- RC (Orange)

    Ravens- Bernard Pierce- RC (insert PDC-BP), Bernard Pierce- RC (Orange)

    Jets- Tim Tebow, Sean Greene

    Broncos- Peyton Manning, Eric Decker, Willis McGahee, Brock Osweiler - RC

    Bears- Brian Urlacher, Brandon Marshall

    Raiders- Denarius Moore,

    Falcons- Michael Turner,

    Packers- Clay Matthews, Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley

    49ers- Kendall Hunter, Patrick Willis, Michael Crabtree, AJ Jenkins - RC (Orange)

    Vikings- Jared Allen, Adrian Peterson, Matt Kalil- RC

    Bengals- Andy Dalton, Mohamed Sanu- RC (Orange) Dre Kirkpatrick- RC (Orange)

    Lions- Ndamukong Suh, Ryan Broyales- RC

    Cardinals- Beanie Wells, Ryan Lindley- RC (Orange)

    Panthers- Jonathan Stewert, Cam Newton (Red thick card)

    Texans- Arian Foster

    Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill- RC

    Bills- TJ Graham- RC

    Eagles- Marvin McNutt- RC

    Colts- Andrew Luck- RC, Coby Fleener- RC (Orange)

    Colts- Ty Hilton - RC (Auto)

    I have a lot more of the Platinum. Those are the main ones.

    Jersey cards--

    Colts- 2011 Threads Dallas Clark (Gridiron Kings) jersey 204/299, Delone Carter - 2011 Rookies and Stars (Freshman Orientation) 76/249

    Chargers- 2011 Threads Vincent Jackson (Gridiron Kings) Prime Patch 85/99, Malcolm Floyd 2011 Threads Prime Patch 33/45

    Steelers- Franco Harris (Heritage Collection) jersey

    Bills- Ryan Fitzpatrick 2011 Threads - Prime Patch 6/99, Ryan Fitzpatrick 2011 Threads jersey 25/299, 2011 Rookies and Stars Marcell Dareus jersey 132/249

    Giants- Prince Amukamara Bowman Sterling jersey. Jeremy Shocky Topps Turkey (Grey) jersey, Kevin Boss 2011 Threads (Gridiron Kings) Prime Patch 59/99, Sinorce Moss 2006 Bowman jersey

    Jags - 2008 David Garrard UD (Premier Rare Materials) double patch 35/65

    Bengals- Andy Dalton 2011 Threads (Rookie Collection) jersey 109/299

    Packers- Randall Cobb 2011 Topps Legend (Aspiring Legacies) jersey

    Lions- Ndamukong Suh 2011 Threads 4 color prime patch 39/99

    Baltimore- Troy Smith 2007 UD (Sweet Swatch) jersey, Anquan Boldin (Gridiron Kings) jersey 295/299

    Vikings- 2011 Rookies and Stars (Rookie Revolution) jersey 113/249, Chris Carter 2010 Certified Prime Patch Mirror 3/25

    Saints- Ricky Jackson 2010 Certified jersey 60/100, Mark Ingram Crown Royale (Rookie Royalty) jersey 221/299

    Browns- Josh Cribbs (Gridiron Kings) jersey 167/200

    Panthers- Jon Beason 2012 Prestige jersey, 2011 Threads Steve Smith (Franchise Fabrics) jersey 41/170, 2011 Rookies and Stars Steve Smith (Mirror Red) jersey 11/240, 2011 Threads Deangelo Williams Prime Patch 47/99, 2006 SPX Denagelo Williams jersey, 2006 Topps DPP Deangelo Williams jersey, Dan Morgan 2001 jersey 45/1500, 2012 Topps Platinum Joe Adams jersey, Keary Colbert 2004 Rookies and Stars 231/500

    Rams- 2001 Upper Deck Marshall Faulk jersey, 2011 Threads (Generations) Faulk and Steve Jackson jersey 59-136-222/230 (There are three of them and they all are different colors)

    Chiefs- Tony Gonzalez- 2003 Fleer jersey, Eric Berry 2010 SPX (EB) jersey 115/375

    Raiders- Willie Brown- 2011 Threads (Heritage Collection) jersey,

    Broncos- Maurice Clarett 2005 Topps jersey

    Falcons- DeAngelo Hall 2004 Hogg Heaven jersey 89/750

    Titans/Bucs 2001 Titanium Erron Kinnry- Dave Moore doble sided jersey, Jamie Harper 2011 Absolute (War Room)

    Seahawks- Korean Robinson 2001 Playoff Honors jersey 53/725, Matt Hasselbeck 2006 Topps (All Pro Relics)

    Texans- Andre Johnson 2006 Topps Turkey (Red) jersey 266/299, Domanick Davis 2005 Donruss Classics jersey 123'150

    Jets- Leon Washington 2006 Upper Deck (Star Materials) jersey, Darelle Revis 2011 Crown Royale jersey 70/299

    #'d cards

    Falcons- Matt Ryan 2012 Inception 44/75, Julio Jones 2011 Topps Supreme RC 405/429, Michael Turner 2011 Timeless Treasures 86/99, Roddy White 2011 Topps Legends 34/50, Roddy White 2011 Threads 212/250, Matt Ryan 2011 Rookies and Stars (Red) 69/150, Jason Snelling 2011 Rookies and Stars (Blue) 26/75, Akeem Dent 2011 Rookies and Stars rc (Green) 18/25, Tony Gonzalez 2011 Threads 156/250

    Colts- Marvin Harrison- 2007 National Treasures 86/100, Anthony Gonzalez 2009 Gridiron Gear 73/250, Austin Collie 2011 Threads 17/100

    Ravens- 2008 Upper Deck Icons (Rookie Brilliance) 50/250, Ray Lewis, Suggs, Reed 2011 Threads (Triple Threat) 12/100, Anquan Boldin 2011 Topps Legends 264/299, 2011 Bowman Sterling Tyrod Taylor RC , Ed Reed 2011 Score Scorecard, Ray Lewis 2009 Topps (Gold) 444/2009

    Texans- JJ Watt 2011 Threads RC 157/250, Andre Johnson 2009 Score Gold Zone 84/249, Mario Williams 2007 Score (Scorecard) 22/750, Brooks Reed 2011 Bowman Sterling RC 288/299, Arian Foster 2011 Topps Legends (Green) 10/150, Arian Foster 2011 Threads (Star Factor) 41/100,

    Eagles- Duce Staley 2002 Gridiron Kings 396/400, Brian Westbrook 2007 Topps DPP 249/250, Brian Westbrook Rookies and Stars (Gold) 230/349, Jeremiah Trotter 2007 Score 173/600, Clay Matthews 2011 Rookies and Stars (Red) RC 134/150, Jermy Maclin 2011 Rookies and Stars (Blue) 69/75

    Steelers- Baron Batch 2011 Threads RC 206/250

    Dolphins- Bob Griese 2002 Gridiron Kings 197/400, Dan Marino Topps Legends 134/299, Brandon Marshall 2011 Threads 51/100

    Bengals- Ryan Whalen Bowman Sterling RC, Jay Finley 2011 Threads RC 77/100, Keith Rivers 2008 Gridiron Gear 43/999, Andre Caldwell 2008 Score (Red Zone) RC 88/100

    Titans- Bo Scaife 2011 Threads 33/250,

    Giants- Mark Herzuich Bowman Sterling RC 188/299, Hakeem Nicks 2009 Score (Throwback) RC, Hakeem Nicks 2009 Score RC, Tyler Sash 2011 Gold Standard 75/299, Mario Manningham 2011 Rookies and Stars 114/150, Mario Manningham 2011 Threads 152/250, Jerrel Jernigan 2011 Topps Supreme 278/429, Brandon Jacobs 2010 Prestige Extra Points

    Vikings- Christian Ballard 2011 Rookies and Stars (Red) RC 131/150, 2011 Press Pass Christian Ponder and Jake Locker 119/299, Christian Ballard Rookies and Stars (Black) RC 53/249, Duante Culpepper 2011 UD Exclusives 15/50, Alan Page 2009 Classics 669/999, Randy Moss 2005 Absolute Memoribilia (Tools of the Trade) 16/100,

    Seahawks- James Carpenter 2011 Threads RC 115/250, Jon Kitna 2000 Quantum Leaf 1693/3346,

    Lions- Calvin Johnson 2007 Score (Hot Rookies) scorecard 533/750,

    Bucs- Mason Foster 2011 Threads RC 45/250, Carnell "Cadillac" Williams 2011 Threads 35/100, Luke Stocker 2011 Rookies and Stars (Blue) RC 63/75, LaGarrette Blount 2011 Rookies and Stars 109/150, Jonathan Hefney 2008 Gridiron Gear RC 740/999, Cory Boyd 2008 Threads RC 120/200, Jonathan Hefney 2011 Absolute Memoribilia 417/799

    Saints- Marques Colston 2011 Topps Supreme 68/99, Mark Ingram 2011 Topps Supreme RC 405/429, Archie Manning 2007 Legends 388/999

    Rams- Lance Kendricks 2011 Bowman Strerling RC, Torry Holt 2002 Score (Numbers Game) 1030/1363, Seven Jackson 2011 Plates and Patches (City Limits) 113/299,

    Bears- Red Grange 2006 Donruss Classics 583/1000, Zackary Bowman 2008 Threads RC 292/999, Dick Butkus 2002 Prestige (Banner season) 1963/1965, Michael Haynes 2003 UD RC 1507/2003, Gabe Carimi 2011 Threads 206/250

    Cardinals- Larry Fitzgerald 2006 Topps Pro Bowl (Gold) 1633/2006, Sam Acho 2011 ROokies and Stars RC 115/150, Kevin Kolb Topps Supreme 17/75,

    Panthers- Deangelo Williams 2011 Threads 7/250 100/250, Brandon LaFell 2010 Score (Hot Rookies) Artist Proof RC 7/32, Jonathan Stewert 2011 ROokies and Stars (Blue) 73/75, Deangelo Williams 2011 Rookies and Stars (Green) 13/25, Steve Smith 2011 Threads 91/100

    49ers- Alson Smith 2011 Bowman Sterling RC, Chris Culliver 2011 Threads RC 88/250, Michael Crabtree 2011 Threads 55/100, Ronnie Lott 2006 Donruss Classics (Timeless Tributes) 1/100, Reggie Smith 2008 Gridiron Gear RC 668/999

    Jets- Jeremy Kerley 2011 Bowman Sterling RC, Scotty McNight 2011 Rookies and Stars (Blue) 63/75, Santonio Holmes Topps Legends 93/299, Wayne Cherebet 2002 Gridiron Kings (Black) 69/100, Anthony Schlegel 2006 Threads RC 105/200, Mark Sanchez 2009 Score (Hot Rookies) Scorecard RC 135/499, Mark Sanchez 2011 Threads 233/250, Justin McCareins 2005 Score 34/399

    Raiders- Tyron Smith 2011 Threads RC 33/250, Louis Murphy 2011 Rookies and Stars (Red) 58/150, Willie Brown 2011 Threads 28/100,

    Chiefs- Mike Pinkard 2003 UD 53/200, Priest Holmes 2006 Topps DPP 379/499,

    Patriots- Kevin Faulk 2008 Score (Scorecard) 340/649, Terry Glenn 1998 UD3 (Next Wave) 1555/2000

    Broncos- Nate Irving 2011 Rookies and Stars (Red) RC 36/150, Virgil Green 2011 Bowman Sterling RC, Julius THomas 2011 Bowman Sterling RC,

    Bills- Steve Johnson 2008 SP Authentic (Rookie Authentics) 166/1399, Johnny White 2011 Bowman Sterling RC 28/50, Paul Posluszny 2007 Topps RC 1234/2007,

    Browns- Owen Marecic 2011 Threads RC 71/100, Colt McCoy 2011 Threads 158/250,

    Chargers- Shawne Merriman 2007 Score (Red Zone) 46/120, Brandon Siler 2007 Score RC (Scorecard) 109/750, Mike Tolbert 2011 Threads 202/250

    Packers- Jim Taylor 2011 GOld Standard (Legend) 102/299, Donald Driver 2011 Prestige (Prestigious Pros) 1/100

    Cowboys Roy Williams Gridiron Kings (Brown) 81/100

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    Have these Redskins:

    Interested in the TJ Yates auto, Dwyer auto, and any 49ers Platinum. Lmk.

    Flickr: Hidden Content
    Everything is available except for PC
    Don't like a price, feel free to make an offer!
    If you don't respond to me then don't expect a response the next time!
    Not done with the hobby, but very picky at what I pick up.

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    have bowman rg3 rookie lmk if can use it

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    Skinssabres1- I'll have to check my skins. My list isn't on this computer but I do have doubles of jersey/autos. I think the only autos I need from this years team is Alfred Morris and London Fletcher. I'm always open to Redskins trades though. I started collecting again last year with a goal of 1000 different jersey/auto cards in five years. I have around 220 right now so I'm on pace. LOL I enjoy helping other people with their collections almost as much as collecting my own stuff. It's more fun that way.


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    Do you have any other Raiders (jerseys or numbered)?

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    babyhuey- I'll PM you soon.

    rtsjr- I have one but if there was something you wanted you can make an offer

    I have these that I guess you saw
    Taiwan Jones- 2011 Topps Chrome (Auto)
    Denarius Moore- 2011 Threads 254/299 (Auto)
    Sam Keller - 2008 Donruss Threads 439/999 (Auto)
    Taiwan Jones- Topps Legend jersey (Aspiring Legacies) 14/99
    2011 Threads Willie Brown (Heritage Collection) jersey HOF
    Louis Murphy Rookies and stars (red) #'d 58/150

    That's what I have marked down right now.


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    Nice to see another skins fan here. Below are my Redskins stuff I have available for trade/sale. I also have base, rc's, inserts, etc available. Let me know if you need anything.
    bucket: Hidden Content

    rookies: Hidden Content

    inserts, #'d cards, etc: Hidden Content

    #1 Redskins Collector!!!!!!!!!

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    Never got a pm.

    Flickr: Hidden Content
    Everything is available except for PC
    Don't like a price, feel free to make an offer!
    If you don't respond to me then don't expect a response the next time!
    Not done with the hobby, but very picky at what I pick up.

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    like the dwyer au

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    Babyhuey- Sent you a PM

    mlkman- nice game today. I'll take a look at your extras and let you know what I have.

    rtsjr- What are you looking to trade for him? I have a few offers and deals I'm working through with him.

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    have bowman rg3 rc

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