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Thread: Football contest!

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    Football contest!

    You have to get ALL 3 right to win the contest.

    Final Score of the game GB @ DET
    Player with the most receiving yards:
    Player with the most passing yards:

    Contest is open to everyone. Getting the score correct will probably be the hardest. But, it's a nice card, and FREE, so guess away

    The card that you will be receiving is

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwsteinb View Post
    I think this is a cool idea for a contest but basically unwinnable for anyone who guesses.

    If you're going to run a contest that is nearly impossible to guess like the exact score of a game, it seems like the winner should be the person who has the closest guess.
    Let me mention my thoughts but the op can explain why they run it the way they do it. When a member puts up a contest with a prize it a plus for everyone. I think if you want to suggest changes to the rules perhaps you run a contest with that rule so everyone wins a prize. As the site let contest run like this without any guidelines. I just know some folks would not have a prize to give away fo 20 plus weeks if given from the start of the season to the end. Just sharing why it might be set up that way.

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    You nailed it Don. Thank you. These contests always have a nice card in it, and is free for everyone. If someone wants to run a contest and use a nice card with a guaranteed winner I would join for sure

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