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Thread: Football contest!

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    Football contest!

    You have to get ALL 3 right to win the contest.

    Final Score of the game GB @ DET
    Player with the most receiving yards:
    Player with the most passing yards:

    Contest is open to everyone. Getting the score correct will probably be the hardest. But, it's a nice card, and FREE, so guess away

    The card that you will be receiving is

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    Green Bay 41 - Detroit 20
    Receiving Yards - Randall Cobb
    Passing Yards - Aaron Rodgers

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    Green Bay 27 Detroit 24
    Receiving Yards: Randall Cobb
    Passing Yards: Aaron Rogers
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    Final Score: GB:28 Det:17

    most recieving yards: Calvin Johnson
    most passing yards: Aaron Rodgers
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    GB: 31 Det: 27
    Receiving: Jordy Nelson
    Passing: Matthew Stafford

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    Thread closes when I log on in the AM. Get some more guesses in

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    GB 27-24
    Player with the most receiving yards: Calvin Johnson
    Player with the most passing yards: Matthew Stafford

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    Contest closed. With so few entries I will have a little wiggle on this contest. You still have to have the right WR and QB, along with the right winning team. But I will let total points slide if you are dead on.

    For example if you picked GB to win 27-24 and they win 31-20 or 34-17 something that still equals 51 and you have the other two correct also you will win

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    Green Bay 28 Det 21 Rec: Randell Cobb Passing: Rodgers

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    No winners, will probably run one again next week or the following

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    I think this is a cool idea for a contest but basically unwinnable for anyone who guesses.

    If you're going to run a contest that is nearly impossible to guess like the exact score of a game, it seems like the winner should be the person who has the closest guess.

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