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    Haven't busted anything since July what should I get?

    So going to the LCs today and looking to splurge on some boxes or box. What do you recommend with a limit of say 400 bucks. Really only wanting to buy high end some help would be appreciated. Thanks and I'll be sure to let you know what I end up doing.

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    If you want high end...but only have 400, maybe a box of dominion?

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    Superlative. You'll get your money's worth and then some.

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    Superlative is a good break, but the one pack makes it lack fun. Heroes and prospects is always fun, I would 2 of those and a pack of prime.

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    Well I ended up going with a box of dominion I'll post the break in a new thread if Anyone is a Joe Thornton fan I may have something that would intrest you cause the chance of u getting one is impossible ;)

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