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    Ponder 1/1 Sketch Card...testing waters...

    I paid a good hunk of change for this, will only consider high end. Funny card, even if price is too steep for ya, made me a fan of Ponder. If he pans out even a little this should be his most coveted card.

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    i like the card - its pretty funny

    but I think its more so entertaining than a collectible for me personally

    I just couldn't see myself dishing the cash or cards it would take to get it

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    As a Viking fan and collector....funny card, but it will NEVER be "his most coveted card", not even close. I'd say you probably over-paid by at least $100. Its a funny card, just not that "collectible" or "valuable".

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    Yeah Im with vikingsordie - you might have over paid by a lot for that thing

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    Id pay 250 for it if i had it just to have a sweet 1/1 a true ponder fan would pay $500 for that if they really wanted it?!?!

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    To each is own. Keep buying auto jersey cards with patches that were not even used in game (I too am guilty of this). Or $100 inception packs. I'd much rather have something like this. Tim Tebow's sketch of a play and auto fetched 2k awhile ago. Ponder is no Tebow, time will tell how much it end's up being worth. Clearly doesn't hold much trade value as of right now... we will see.

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    If you paid 250 someone out there would pay as much or more that how this hobby works trust me your not the only christian ponder fan out there and if you get the right one i think they might way more than you.

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    Cards that are 1/1's and pack pulled are much different than sketch cards that were given away at nationals. That is why the Tebow fetched so much. A Locker Sketch card similar to your sold for $87 bucks (1/1 not 2/2) on the bay, him being a higher pick and having a better first game I would say ponder would probably go for about the same. 250 might be alittle steep for it.
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    Smells like a card, looks like a card, same size as a card. Because something was pulled from a pack it is different? If it makes you feel better you had to buy packs of Panini at the nationals and bring wrappers in as a drawing to get the cards. The Beckett casing would give it away for pack searches ;) Again, to each is own, I'll keep it and probably will find it more unique and valuable than any Ponder cards to come out.

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    mikesmonopoly - your being arrogant - there is definitely a difference between a card that is only available through ripping packs than buying at a national. The difference being just the fact that the Tebow was pulled is incredible. Anyone can walk into a store or a convention and shell out 250 bucks for a cool card, but not everyone (MAYBE NO ONE) will pull that Tebow.

    there is a huge difference - and if Locker sold for 87, I have a feeling this would go for about 60

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