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Thread: 1954 Bowman football...

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    1954 Bowman football...


    I was digging in a box of cards and found a few '54 Bowman football in awesome condition ... Here's what i have;

    #2 John Huzvar
    #5 Bill Stits
    #10 Vito "Babe" Parilli
    #12 Ollie Matson
    #16 Bobby Garrett
    #24 Don Dohoney
    #30 Joe Arenas (2)
    #33 Harold Giancanelli
    #39 Charley (Charlie) Justice
    #46 Fred Cone
    #50 George Taliaferro (2)
    #52 Lou Groza
    #53 Bobby Layne
    #57 "Chuck" Bednarik
    #59 William McColl (2)
    #62 Bill Lange
    #70 Tobin Rote
    #110 Steve Meilinger
    #111 Dante Lavelli
    #116 George Conner

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    Quote Originally Posted by micky8 View Post
    What are you looking for in trade?
    Honestly, this is all still pretty new to me and not sure what they are worth in trade. So if i'm asking too much or too little, please help me out and let me know. With that said, I'm really liking allot of the autographed cards out there. I've been keeping my eye out for a Willie Mays auto card to go with my ball. What might you have to offer?
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    Anybody? These cards are nice. Corners are'nt perfect but as close as you might get for how old these are. No creases or bends. I will try again tomarrow to post pics.


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    I am always interested in vintage in spectacular shape for the right price, Let me know when you get pics online or e-mail them to me directly through my profile. Thanks.

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    I have these baseball for trade-

    Jeromy Burnitz-
    2001 SP Game Bat Milestone Edition -Piece of the Action Milestone # M JBu Bat

    Francisco Cordero-
    2005 Zenith -Z Graphs #93 #087/100 AUTO RANGERS

    Matt Creighton-
    2004 Topps Chrome # 229 AUTO RC CUBS

    Jermaine Dye-
    2008 Topps Heritage - Clubhouse Collection # HCC JD White Jersey w' Black Seam WHITE SOX

    Tim Lincecum-
    2007 SP Rookie Edition # 166 RC
    2007 Topps Allen & Ginters # 274 RC
    2010 UpperDeck - Pure Heat # 14 GIANTS

    Dustin Nippert-
    2004 Topps Pristine -Refractor #149 #330/999 DIAMONDBACKS

    Manny Ramirez-
    1992 Upper Deck #63 RC INDIANS

    Tyson Ross-
    2008 Donruss Elite - School Colors # 28 #0671/1500 Cal-Bears

    B J Upton-
    2005 Fleer - Patchworks Property of Patch #PO BU 4-color break #74/99 DEVIL RAYS

    Jose Vidro-
    2002 Upper Deck Ovation - Diamond Futures # DF JV White Jersey w/ Blue Seam EXPOS

    Preston Wilson-
    2000 SP Gamebat Edition - Piece of the Game # PW BAT MARLINS

    or these basketball-

    Carmelo Anthony-
    2003-04 Topps Rookie Platrix # MR-CA Blue Game Worn Jersey NUGGETS

    Kirk Hinrich / Jarvis Hayes-
    2004 Topps - All Star Support # ASR-HH
    Hinrich-Red Game worn Jersey
    Hayes- Dark Blue Shooting Shirt BULLS / WIZARDS

    Jason Kidd-
    2005-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut - Sizzling Swatches #SS JK Dark Blue Jersey NETS

    Kenyon Martin-
    2007-08 Artifacts - Divisional Artifacts # DA-KE White Jersey NUGGETS

    Alonzo Mourning-
    2002 Upper Deck Authentics -Authentic Game Used Warm-Up # AM-AW Black Jersey HEAT

    Mickael Pietrus-
    2005-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut - Debut Threads # DT-MP White Jersey WARRIORS

    Vladimir Radmanovic-
    2005-06 Upper Deck Trilogy - Auto Focus # AF-VR AUTO SONICS

    J R Smith-
    2005-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut - Sizzling Swatches # Sa JR Yellow Jersey HORNETS

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    I NEED THE CHUCK PLEASE !! what are you looking for in return?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TxOutLaw View Post
    I NEED THE CHUCK PLEASE !! what are you looking for in return?
    Well, i have something in the works with micky8 at the moment for all of them and it wouldn't be fair to him if i started parting them out before we can come to any kind of agreement. I will get back with you ASAP if anything changes. Thx.


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